Master Key: the key system for shops and offices

In the last post we saw how to open all the locks with the same key, thanks to the KA system.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, all these locks must often be operated by different people: owner, shop assistants, administrative staff, suppliers… which adds a further layer of complexity and possible confusion. In this case it may be useful to be able to give each person or group of people a key which only opens certain doors and not others.

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How to have less keys in your pocket

Keyed Alike Systems for everyone, especially for Shops and Offices

A shop may have a rather complex management of the keys. Typically, there are various locks: shutters, entrance door, doors to offices and storerooms, secondary entrances or gates, security grilles and gates. If each lock is managed independently the bunch of keys soon becomes very bulky, and inconvenient to carry and use. Continue reading


The advantages of an electric scooter include its compactness and transportability, which allow it to be taken inside various public and private buildings without taking up too much space, avoiding the classic stress of parking and the fear of theft. However, there are some circumstances in which, at least for now, it is not possible to take the scooter with you.

That’s why we’ve decided to carry out some tests for you. In fact, despite the fact that many types of anti-theft devices designed for bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes can be found on the market, there are currently no solutions specifically designed for electric scooters.

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Roller shutters and up-and-over doors: how to make them more pull-resistant

The weak points of roller shutters and up-and-over doors

  • The material of the shutter or door
  • locks fitted originally

As already suggested in previous blogs, the first things to do to make any door safer are to check that the manufacturing material is resistant and to replace the lock supplied as standard with a security type one.

However, shutters and up-and-over doors are exposed to different types of attacks. In order to prevent pull attempts, for example, among the various options available on the market we find the fastening unit. 

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The mountain range is often attacked and then strengthened as a first step for added safety. Discover eat!

Quickly make your rolling shutter and metal doors with the new Viro armoured lock

Shutters are used to close shops , garages and warehouses. These are all places which house valuables and are therefore particularly at risk of theft. The shutter is the first protective barrier and the most frequently attacked point. For this reason, this is the first point to look at in order to increase security. Before assessing more challenging and costly solutions, you may wish to consider replacing the weak standard lock with an armoured lock. Continue reading