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Anti-breakthrough Spranga locking bar or armoured door?

Entry level armoured door or Spranga locking bar?

When faced with an outdated door or a door with some security shortcomings, you may be wondering how to make it more robust and secure without having to replace it.

Whilst replacing it with a good quality armoured door could be a good option, thanks to the adjustable Spranga locking bar it is possible to avoid significant economic outlays, and to satisfy very well the need for greater security. 

However, one might ask: why invest in a Spranga locking bar if it is possible to buy a new armoured door for more or less the same price? 

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Thieves in the garage? Here’s how to make it more secure!

The standard locks for garage doors, whether they are up-and-over, folding or shutters, are generally not very resistant to drilling and they are unable to prevent lifting by using levers and crowbars or perforating. The replacement of the original locks is therefore a necessary step in order to better prevent thefts.

Discover the ideal solution for your particular door with our infographic. 

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How to keep burglars away from the house after the re-openings: 6 checks and 3 useful tips!

Remembering that every home is different, and for that reason, depending on the year of construction, type and location, it will have certain advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, here is a ready-to-use check-up for all the access points to your home and to better protect its defence perimeters. 

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