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How to keep burglars away from the house after the re-openings: 6 checks and 3 useful tips!

Remembering that every home is different, and for that reason, depending on the year of construction, type and location, it will have certain advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, here is a ready-to-use check-up for all the access points to your home and to better protect its defence perimeters. 

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Master Key: the key system for shops and offices

In the last post we saw how to open all the locks with the same key, thanks to the KA system.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, all these locks must often be operated by different people: owner, shop assistants, administrative staff, suppliers… which adds a further layer of complexity and possible confusion. In this case it may be useful to be able to give each person or group of people a key which only opens certain doors and not others.

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Q&A: 3 bike chains’ strengths which (maybe) you didn’t know!

We are back with the Q&A series dedicated entirely to the discovery of small details about safety which can sometimes go unnoticed. 

Have you ever wondered which features set apart a good quality bike chain from a commonly used one? Very often we focus on the thickness and length of the chain, leaving aside other less well known but equally important details.  

Let’s find out what they are!

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