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Small Safes fo Home: “MINI”

Security safes are generally associated with being heavy objects and, after purchase, they are installed, in most cases, at a certain point in the house and then remain there for a lifetime. However, as it is a durable object it is important to make sure you consider carefully and thoroughly evaluate your purchase so that the safe can fulfil its security function in the best possible way and for as long as possible.  

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In the previous article, we limited ourselves to presenting the features and uses of this modular system designed for the storage of valuables with controlled access. Today, on the other hand, we will describe in detail the technical features of the main module and the software in use. We will then go on to present the possible configurations indicating dimensions, number of compartments by configuration and weight.

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The electronic safe does not respond, how do I open it? (Part 2)

In this blog we propose solutions to some of the most common drawbacks which users in possession of electronic safes of various brands tend to face. Thanks to the requests of our users, we can provide a small useful guide which can be consulted by all those who are in the same situation at the moment or in the future. In this blog we have already talked about how to open a safe if the batteries are flat, if there are no external contacts and the emergency key has been lost. Continue reading