Small Safes fo Home: “MINI”

Security safes are generally associated with being heavy objects and, after purchase, they are installed, in most cases, at a certain point in the house and then remain there for a lifetime. However, as it is a durable object it is important to make sure you consider carefully and thoroughly evaluate your purchase so that the safe can fulfil its security function in the best possible way and for as long as possible.  

Among the various types on the market there are also small sized safes, which are able to satisfy someone who needs to protect small valuables (jewellery, watches or credit cards) in limited spaces, such as a cabinet, drawer or shelf.  

Since the end of the 80’s, after paying particular attention to these needs, Viro started to produce the first safes of the still current “MINI” line, the “MINI-BEAUTY”, both in mechanical and electronic versions.

1990 presentation brochure for Mini Beauty safes for hotels

But let’s see the main features of this type of safe:

The ADVANTAGES of small safes:

1) Dimensions and Weight

These aspects are reduced in the mini safes. In fact, although there are several types on the market, each with its own specific features, this type of safe stands out because it takes up less space and weighs less than the others. 
Even though quite often, already in the traditional wall safes, the space does not seem to be enough because of the maximum depth of 20-25 cm, limited for an objective reason (the wall application), there are cases where a small security safe is needed or is sufficient.

2) Practicality and Security

With regard to the security, which is the main function of every safe, the “mini” safe adds a good dose of practicality. Thanks to its size and reduced weight, it will be easier to find a place to install it where it can be easily accessed, whilst going unnoticed. In addition, as is the case with racing cars where the smaller the passenger compartment the more robust it becomes, also for small safes the compactness helps to give them greater strength. 

3) Price

Due to the smaller quantity of materials used for its construction, the price is generally lower. 


  • Dimensions and thicknesses

While maintaining a small size, it is worth checking that the case, frame and door of the safe are thick enough to withstand burglary attempts. The structure of each safe, even if reduced to a minimum, must always be strong and secure.

  • Construction materials 

The materials represent an important variable for the security of the safe. In fact, all internal components should be made completely of steel, without plastic parts, to ensure maximum resistance to attack. It is also important that the frame is securely welded around the entire perimeter of the safe and that it is attack-proof, and it is also worth ensuring that the space between door and frame is minimal to make the introduction of burglary tools as difficult as possible.

  • Special features 

Each security safe has special features. For example, the Viro “MINI” electronic safe has, amongst its other advanced functions, a non-slip ABS knob with a programmed breakage steel shaft. This means that if it is forced, it will not be the mechanism that will break, but only the pin of the knob, leaving no space to insert any burglary tools.

  • Mechanical or Electronic 

There are two types of safe on the market: mechanical with manual lock and electronic with digital lock. 
The choice is personal, but it is worth making sure that the safe is of a high quality, with a cylinder suitable for its function, if it is mechanical, and with easy programming, with low consumption power supply and with an electronic card protected against high voltage electric discharges, if it is electronic. 

The Viro “MINI” electronic safe, as well as having the electronic card protected against burglary attempts by means of high voltage electric discharges, is also protected against incorrectly inserted batteries. (in most safes on the market, if the batteries are mounted upside down, the electronic board is irreversibly damaged)
  • Easy installation 

It will be easier to install the safe if the fixing holes are already present for anchoring it to an item of furniture or to a wall and if it is also designed to be recessed, if necessary, in the wall. 

Discover all the peculiarities of the Viro “MINI” safes:

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>> Electronic version

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>> Electronic version for Hotel

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