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New “EAGLE” for Shutters: the most practical and securest solution!

Shutter Lock: EAGLE, for comfort and security!

The EAGLE fastening unit is the new practical solution to secure shops and premises in style, preserving the roller shutter motor.

The compact design and the high quality of the materials and treatments used guarantee great resistance to attacks and corrosion, protecting the goods over time: in fact, all the main components, body, closing rod, spheres, springs and internal pins are in stainless steel.

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Summer thefts? Beware of Social Media!

Summer thefts? Beware of Social Media!

Like every year, in summer, people move out of cities to seaside or mountain resorts and thieves may act undisturbed. Precisely for this reason it becomes urgent to lock the house and secure our valuable goods.

Moreover, it would be appropriate to check our Social sharing habits.

What are the risks of a misuse of these tools?

In what ways can they represent a hazard for our security?

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ELECTRIC LOCKS: Everything you need to know

The main purpose of every electric lock is to open after having received an electrical pulse. Electric locks can be used to close drive-through or pedestrian doors and gates, indoors or outdoors. They are ideal for automated access points, since they can be controlled remotely, but they can also be installed on entrances with manual opening.

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EUROPEAN CYLINDER: everything you need to know

In order to prevent undesired accesses, the European profile cylinder, combined with the lock, is currently the most complete and state of the art system. However, due to precisely this reason, there is a very wide range of demands on this particular cylinder.

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ELF (European Locksmith Federation) CONVENTION 2019

The ELF Convention, the most important European event specifically dedicated to security, will be held on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May.
This year it will be that city of Bologna that has the honour of welcoming and bringing together security professionals, industry representatives and all the members of the “European Locksmiths Federation” (that is to say, specialist locksmiths) who will take part. Continue reading

Garage doors: more locking points more security!

Garage security has recently been a hot topic in the Viro Security Blog. We have spoken about the importance of replacing the locks supplied as standard with the door with high security locks and how to best protect automated garage doors, both sliding and up-and-over ones, with electric locks and specific accessories. In addition to the fact that it can frequently represent a preferential route for thieves and intruders which leads straight into the house, the garage is also the place where the most bulky items such as cars, mopeds, bikes and other objects are kept which have both an economic and sentimental value.
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Are motorized sectional doors secure?

In the previous blog, in which we talked about the most common methods of access to garages and locks fitted as standard, we mentioned the existence of electric locks for better protection of goods stored in automated garages. Viro electric locks, of which there are several models, represent the ideal solution as they are suitable both for automatic up-and-over and sectional doors. Continue reading