ELECTRIC LOCKS: Everything you need to know

The main purpose of every electric lock is to open after having received an electrical pulse. Electric locks can be used to close drive-through or pedestrian doors and gates, indoors or outdoors. They are ideal for automated access points, since they can be controlled remotely, but they can also be installed on entrances with manual opening.

However, apart from their main function, not all are the same.

This issue has been talked about several times and from various points of view in the Viro Security Club. However, navigating inside a blog can sometimes be frustrating, especially if, in order to solve a problem, one is obliged to scroll from one entry to another, obtaining much useful information (of which you were possibly already aware or not interested in at that precise moment) without sometimes being able to obtain the answer you were looking for, possibly because one gets tired of looking.

Below, you will find an easy handbook fast to consult to best find in the Viro Security Club all the information you need about ELECTRIC LOCKS.

1. Electric locks: resistance? But not only!

Before purchasing an electric lock it is worth checking the different variables: What material is the door on which the lock will be installed made of? Is it a wooden door or a metal gate? What type of access must it control? Pedestrian or drive-through? There can be many variables. 
This article provides a summarising table where you will find the advisable usage of each type of lock and their advanced functions, such as the “dogging device” function and the security function.

2. Does the electric lock you are about to install have at least one of these advanced 5 functions?

Is the ejector of the electric lock giving you problems? Does the coil no longer work? Have the lock and striker become misaligned over time? Here are the 5 functions which will allow you to avoid these and other common problems!

3. Electric locks for heavy doors and gates (manual or automatic)

When the door to be protected is very heavy, it could be useful and necessary to use an electric lock which is able to absorb the stresses. Not all electric locks have adequate features and functions, but those listed here do! Discover all the essentials functions!

4. Electric locks for automatic gates

5. Electric locks for motorized garages

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One thought on “ELECTRIC LOCKS: Everything you need to know

  1. Eli Richardsond

    It’s good to know that heavy doors need the right electric locks. My uncle’s opening a warehouse in two months and wants to add an automated gate system to increase the security of the place. I’ll email your post to him to ensure he finds an electric lock that absorbs the door’s stresses.


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