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How to open a shackle or rod padlock if you have lost the key

Are you traveling and have lost your suitcase key?
Have you left your bike locked to a pole and don’t know how to open the padlock because you’ve lost the key?

First of all, stay calm and bear in mind that the Internet is always full of useful resources. If you are looking for a way to open a padlock, the Internet will without doubt provide you with more than one solution. However, the purpose of this article, in addition to showing you how easy it can be to open a padlock, especially if it is a poor quality one, is to make you understand how to prevent someone else from opening it instead of you. Continue reading

Disc Lock & Accessories for Motorcycles: “New Hardened” with fixing bracket

Whether you normally use it to move around in town or to explore the world from your saddle, it is important to limit the risk that your motorcycle runs into any unpleasant problems. 

In order to travel anywhere without any worries, your 2-wheeled travel companion should always be protected in the best possible way with an anti-theft device that is practical to use, sturdy and at the same time light.

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Scooters, bikes and motorcycles safe… Even in the basement!

When you own a two-wheeled vehicle, whether it is an electric scooter, an electric or conventional bike, a scooter with a small engine or a motorcycle, the first concern is to reduce the risk of theft by thieves and burglars. This is why, once you arrive at your destination, the vehicle is protected with the appropriate anti-theft devices. 

It is good to know that there are “outdoor” and “indoor” anti-theft devices, with characteristics and features that make them more or less suitable for various 2-wheeled vehicles.

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Electric Bike: Increase the Security with the “Supermorso” Antitheft Chain Lock

Do you live or work in a place where bike security is a serious concern? Whether it’s a traditional bicycle, an electric bike or a pedelec, the result won’t change. A quality anti-theft device is an excellent deterrent for any theft attempt!

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The advantages of an electric scooter include its compactness and transportability, which allow it to be taken inside various public and private buildings without taking up too much space, avoiding the classic stress of parking and the fear of theft. However, there are some circumstances in which, at least for now, it is not possible to take the scooter with you.

That’s why we’ve decided to carry out some tests for you. In fact, despite the fact that many types of anti-theft devices designed for bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes can be found on the market, there are currently no solutions specifically designed for electric scooters.

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Viro Chains vs. Imitation Chains: Salt Spray and Cut and Impact Resistance Tests

In the last article, after outlining the characteristics of the 3 resistance tests to which the security items are subjected (if you have any doubts about it please have a look at this link), we focused on the results of these tests on Viro padlocks and compared them to the imported items. 

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E-bikes are the greenest vehicle of the year and, in a not far distant future, post-coronavirus, they could become one of the most highly appreciated means of transport in large towns.

But what really sets an e-bike apart from a car or public transport? Why shouldn’t we buy a moped or merely a conventional bicycle?

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Are you, too, risking one of these 6 errors when you lock up your bike?

Going to work by car? Using public transport? Or relying on a bicycle? The world is increasingly trying to be environmentally-sustainable and, especially in easily accessible city centres (such as Bologna), cycling is a “must”. One of the main curses for urban cyclists is that of thefts.

Stealing a bike is relatively easy because – unlike cars and motorcycles – they don’t have a number plate or a registered owner; so it is very important to protect it properly, to discourage theft as much as possible. Unfortunately, however, there are still many cyclists who lock up their bikes in such a clumsy manner that they make life particularly easy for thieves, even the less well equipped ones.
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