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Chain or … chain? Choose it based on its characteristics and those of your vehicle!

With the arrival of spring, more and more people move by bicycle, e-bike, moped and motorbike, and so, if the right attention is not paid to security, the thefts of these vehicles tend to increase.

The chain plus padlock solution is undoubtedly a must for the 2-wheeler world but, when choosing, what distinguishes one chain from another? First of all, it is good to consider that each type of vehicle may require a different level of protection.

Here’s the answer by out 2-wheeler safety experts to three of the most common questions before buying:

1. 90, 120, 150 (and +) cm chain? How do I choose the right length?

Viro Chains

In order to protect a bicycle chains ranging from 90 to 120 cm are effective. In this case it is necessary to evaluate the type of fixing point to which the bike is secured most frequently and choose the right length to be able to secure the wheel, frame and fixing point without leaving excessive empty spaces where cutting tools or shears can be inserted. 

For a moped or a motorcycle, chains with lengths from 120 cm up to 200 cm can be considered, making sure not to place the chain on the ground once secured, in order to obstruct any thief in their attempts to cut it.

2. Two different chains have equal lengths: which is better?

Which chain is better

If you have already identified the right length (e.g. 120 cm) and the choice falls between two chains, there are other variables that can be evaluated:


If the vehicle is a bicycle, for example, it is worth taking into account the weight of the chain: a sturdy but not too heavy anti-theft device, of between 1 and 2 kg, can be a good solution, considering that there are chains on the market that exceed 5 kg and which are generally more suitable for mopeds and motorcycles. 


For the same length, a chain consisting of a greater number of links, which are more compact with each other (and therefore leave less free space for the introduction of burglary tools) is preferable to a chain with longer rings which therefore leave larger “empty spaces”. Read also why the end of the chain
affects the strength of the chain!


Another feature to consider is the cross-section of the chain link, which is a factor visible to the naked eye. In chains with a larger cross-section, the shear strength is more likely to be higher. In order to protect a bicycle, chains with a cross-section greater than 5 mm are most suitable, whilst to protect a motorcycle, chains with a cross-section of 10 mm should be considered.


Furthermore, considering that the manual cutters and shears available on the market have cutting blades suitable for holding round profiles, such as those of iron rods, electro-welded meshes and common chains, chains with links with semi-square or hexagonal cross-section profiles are more difficult to attack.


Finally, it is worth evaluating the material of the chain and the treatments it has undergone. Viro chains, for example, are all made of special steel (manganese) that is case-hardened, tempered, drawn and galvanized as well as being covered with a protective sheath made of scratch-resistant fabric.

3. I am undecided between two very similar chains (length, cross-section and weight are almost the same): what else can I evaluate?

Best Padlocks for Chains
Padlock “Totem” for chains

Definitely the padlock. Bicycle chains are often sold together with the padlock, and if the strength of the chain discourages cutting attempts, a good quality lock will better hamper any break-in attempts and protect against rusting. If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to follow us in the next post, dedicated entirely to chain padlocks, with a focus on the most robust Viro padlocks and their characteristics!

In the meantime, the best Viro security chains suggested by type of vehicle and the respective indications on length, cross-section, profile and weight are shown below.

Bicycles and E-bikes chains

Length (cm) Section (mm) Profile Weight (kg)
Chain of
60 – 90 – 120 – 1505,7 semi-squared 0,7 – 0,9 – 1,2 – 1,4
Length (cm) Section (mm) ProfileWeight (kg)
Chain of
90 – 120 – 1507 semi-squared 1,4 – 1,8 – 2,1
Length (cm) Section (mm) ProfileWeight (kg)
Chain of
“Blocca Catena”
90 – 120 – 1508semi-squared 1,7 – 2,2 – 2,6

Mopeds and motorcycles chains

Length (cm) Section (mm) ProfileWeight (kg)
Chain of
“Blocca Catena”
120 – 150 – 20010 semi-squared3,1 – 3,7 – 4,8
Length (cm) Section (mm) Profile Weight (kg)
Chain of
120 – 15010semi-squared3,1 – 3,7
Length (cm) Section (mm) Profile Weight (kg)
Chain of
150 – 18011 x 13 hexagonal5,2 – 6,1

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