Viro, leader in Italy and in the world in security systems

Since 1942 Viro is specialized in security products. Many innovations have been introduced on the market in over 70 years of activity: the cylinders with emergency opening, which open from the outside even if a key is inserted into the inner side; padlocks Panzer, imitated throughout the world, with their steel armor helped close more safely millions of roller shutters; armored padlocks longitudinal to chains, which have securely latched a lot of bikes and motorcycles; the safety bar, which has tenaciously defended a large number of access doors, well in advance of the arrival of the armored doors.

In 1983 the brand Fai By Viro was created, characterized by functionality, simplicity and affordable price.

In 1985 Viro Tronic born, specializing in the development of electronic products applied to the mechanical safety and that same year, the first in Europe, Viro launches RAM7, an electronic safe with futuristic features that really surprised and captured the market. Since then, the application of electronics to mechanics has become a characteristic feature of Viro, which has invested more resources in research and development.

Dates back to 1996 the launch of the line of safety cabinets, gun cabinets and file cabinets; while in 2006 the new patented “Ram-Touch” technology was lunched, which allows to open cabinets and safes through an effective fingerprint recognition system. Viro innovation continues at a steady pace, launching on the market an average of ten new products every year.

As a confirmation of the quality that has always distinguished, since 1999 Viro has been certified ISO 9001.

In 2015 Viro celebrated its 73rd birthday. In the headquarters of Zola Predosa, on the outskirts of Bologna, over 100 people are dedicated to the creation of more sophisticated items, coordinating the various external production units, quality control and are committed to continuous improvement of the production.

Viro is currently selling about 3000 items grouped into 8 families:

  • Padlocks
  • Locks (cam locks, mortise door locks, rim door locks, electric locks, furniture locks, roller shutter locks, up and over door locks)
  • Cylinders
  • Home and office safe cabinets
  • Gun and file cabinets
  • Bike, scooter and motorbike locks
  • Doorclosers
  • Keys

6 thoughts on “Viro, leader in Italy and in the world in security systems

  1. Gray Holland

    We manufacture security gates and panels in Cape Town, South Africa, where crowbar gangs break through
    metal gates with ease. The lock is the week point. Your van lock would seem to be the answer to solving this problem but would need to be key operated from both sides. Would this option be possible. I am planning a trip to Italy in early June and would like to visit Viro to discuss.
    Gray Holland

  2. Hussein Kibwana

    Good afternoon Hussein here requesting quote for supply of 10 pieces of Viro electric locks V7905 to Nairobi Kenya. Your support would be much appreciated.

    1. Miryam Sarti

      Dear Hussein,
      thank you for your request. Our Sales’ representative will deliver you a quote.
      Kind Regards,
      Viro Marketing Staff.

    1. Miryam Sarti

      Dear Tinache, you will soon be contacted by our sales department for a quotation.
      Kind Regards,
      Viro Marketing Staff

  3. Christiaan Homan

    Good day
    We are looking for 7 off twisted cable locks (similar to Hawaii locks) to secure TV frames to steel structures.
    However these locks need to be “Key-A-Like” in order to use one key for all 7 locks.
    Is this something you would be able to assist with, and can we get it in Black instead of Red?
    If possible, can you please send me a quote to InfraComp Africa (Pty) Ltd at my email as per below.



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