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Van Lock Compact: much more than a padlock, to protect your van

Van Lock Compact: much more than a padlock, to protect your van

Are you looking for a way to make your agile transport vehicle more secure without having to remove and replace a padlock after each opening? 

Discover the 3 strongpoints of the new Van Lock Compact fastening unit, which is ideal for small-medium vehicles and the “brother” of the well-known Van Lock (which is more suitable for medium-large vans and, with the relative accessory item 4222.2035, also for trucks). 

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Convenience and security when traveling with the TSA padlock

In this article we will see what the TSA luggage locks are used for, how to distinguish it from a common combination lock and how to change the combination of a Viro TSA approved lock.

The beginning of the autumn season, like every year, marks (for many) the return to routine, resulting in a slowdown in tourist travel and a consequent greater offer of advantageous proposals to travel to the USA or to more remote destinations, perhaps making a stopover in one of the many American airports.

To travel to the United States it is absolutely recommended to close your suitcases with TSA locks for the reasons that we will see below.

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Viro Chains vs. Imitation Chains: Salt Spray and Cut and Impact Resistance Tests

In the last article, after outlining the characteristics of the 3 resistance tests to which the security items are subjected (if you have any doubts about it please have a look at this link), we focused on the results of these tests on Viro padlocks and compared them to the imported items. 

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alt Spray and Cut and Impact Resistance Tests on Padlocks

Viro padlocks vs. imported padlocks: Salt Spray and Cut and Impact Resistance Tests

In this short series of articles we will discover how some of the best Viro padlocks and chains on the market react to salt spray and cut and impact resistance tests, compared to imitation ones. 

The first blog is dedicated entirely to the tests carried out on the padlocks, in particular the Rectangular padlock (Viro art. 304) and the Armoured padlock (Viro Panzer).  

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anti-cut padlock, anti-cut arch, anti-cut rod, shears, wire cutters

ANTI-CUTTING PADLOCK: all the features

Shackle, rod, combination, one-piece or chain padlocks: there are various types of padlocks on the market with various functions, ranging from the protection of a simple locker or a bike, to the protection of containers or shutters.

So what features does a padlock have to have to prevent a thief from opening it? 

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