New “EAGLE” for Shutters: the most practical and securest solution!

New “EAGLE” for Shutters: the most practical and securest solution!

The new EAGLE fastening unit was launched among the novelties of 2022-2023: a practical and ideal solution to reinforce and protect the shutters of shops and premises in general.

All the main components, including the body, lock-bolt, rings, springs and internal pins, are made of STAINLESS steel in order to better withstand moisture and ensure a long life for the product and for your shutter. 

The dead-bolt, with a case-hardened, corrosion-proof, cut-resistant rotary ring, is 21 mm thick. The lock is protected against drilling and burglary by the rotating plate, which is also corrosion-proof.

What are the advantages?


Thanks to the lateral mounting at eye level, it will no longer be necessary to bend down to remove and fit the padlock, as well as avoiding the accumulation on the product of dirt from the road.


Once installed, the padlock remains fixed to the wall, and it will be conveniently opened and closed with the key. The cylinder is also replaced with the unit fixed.


Not having a rod on view, like any other padlock, makes cutting attempts more complicated. The rod also includes a cut-resistant and corrosion-proof rotating ring (made of case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel).


The EAGLE complicates the life of thieves: in order to open a shutter with the EAGLE installed, a thief will necessarily have to cut the entire shutter from top to bottom, unlike ground-mounted solutions, in which it is sufficient to cut the lower portion of the shutter. The operation is more complex and laborious, especially if 2 EAGLES are installed (where 2 cuts would be needed). 


The dead-bolt is activated only with the turn of the key, so as to avoid that, accidentally, the dead-bolt is inserted and, at the end of the day, when the shutter is lowered, it encounters an obstacle and is damaged.


Viro provides the pair of EAGLE with key alike.

How to install EAGLE?

Just a few operations and measures contribute to making the installation of the EAGLE extremely simple and lasting

The installation must be done on the wall, on the right and/or left side of the shutter, at eye level or higher up. 

Once the height has been chosen, you will need to drill a hole in the shutter with a diameter of approx. 35 mm, using a cup wheel cutter. The hole will allow the dead-bolt and the UV ray-resistant and scratch-proof rubber seal to be housed, with the shutter lowered.

Lastly, the product must be secured with 4 screws, the heads of which will be covered by 4 tamper-proof balls, supplied with the product. Once inserted, the balls are definitive and prevent the thief from unscrewing the product from the wall.

Watch this step-by-step guide to install the EAGLE on your shutter.

Ask your trusted hardware store for EAGLE!

For more information about the technical characteristics, read the product data sheet!

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