Van Lock Compact: much more than a padlock, to protect your van

Van Lock Compact: much more than a padlock, to protect your van

Are you looking for a way to make your agile transport vehicle more secure without having to remove and replace a padlock after each opening? 

Discover the 3 strongpoints of the new Van Lock Compact fastening unit, which is ideal for small-medium vehicles and the “brother” of the well-known Van Lock (which is more suitable for medium-large vans and, with the relative accessory item 4222.2035, also for trucks). 

This new security device represents, thanks to its small size, an excellent solution for protecting vans as well. 


– Pull resistant shape, protected striker and corrosion-proof materials

The Van Lock Compact has been designed to be weatherproof and to resist break-in attempts, thanks, respectively, to the construction materials and its shape with rounded pull resistant edges. 

The materials of the outer cover and the deadbolt (stainless steel) and of the striker (case-hardened, tempered and galvanised steel) are solid, against possible attacks by thieves, and rustproof, in order to favour a long life of the product and to cope with adverse weather conditions, such as rain and/or humidity.

Always keep the goods in your van secure by using Van Lock Compact!


– “Held open” function

Do you need to keep the van door open in order to conveniently load and unload the goods?

Thanks to the practical “held open” function, the Van Lock Compact padlock allows you to always keep the padlock open during loading and unloading operations, or whenever you want. 

Simply lower the lever located on the inside, close to the deadbolt, with the tip of a key or a screwdriver to activate the function. Watch the video to understand how to do it!


– Emergency opening

If you happen to remain closed in the loading compartment of the van (e.g. because a gust of wind closes the doors while you are looking for the item to unload) Van Lock Compact enables you to get out in complete safety: in fact, by pulling the emergency release cable, the deadbolt of the fixing assembly will be disengaged and you will be able to open the rear door or the side door. 

Your safety always comes first.

It is also possible to unlock the doors from the inside with a button, instead of the cable, thanks to the accessory kit item 4222.3965

Read the technical sheet of the product!

Do you want to know how to apply the Van Lock Compact to your vehicle? Watch the installation video here

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