Assess the quality of a padlock from the shape of the body: SECURITY TIPS (1/5)

Assess the quality of a padlock from the shape of the body: SECURITY TIPS (1/5)

Many of you ask us for information on the characteristics that make a padlock, lock, safe or other safety device a good quality product. The doubt is always the same: how to choose between so many offers?

This is why we have decided to provide a series of 5 mini-videos in instalments in which you will find some of the “trade secrets” to recognise a good quality security product.

TIP #1 – BOLT PADLOCK: the shape of the body

Among the padlocks equipped with a lock bolt, there are various shapes, weights and sizes, and although the function is always the same, that is say, to protect what is secured with the padlock from possible break-in attempts, paying attention to the shape of the padlock can really make a difference: let’s see why. 

In fact, the shape of a padlock is able to give us some information regarding its resistance to both attempts to break in with brute force and opening it by lock picking. 

Padlocks with squarer shapes facilitate these operations as they offer a better grip for the tools typically used by thieves: for example, in these cases, it will be easier to hold the padlock still or block it with pliers while using cutting tools or drills as well holding it firmly while trying to open it with a lock pick.

Therefore, the absence of edges and a rounded body of a padlock not only prevent abrasions on users’ hands, but also indicate that the padlock will be able to obstruct, with a greater chance of success, attempts by a thief to open it. 

Finally, the shape of the padlock is only one of the aspects to take into consideration, but, being a particularly evident feature, it represents a simple and immediate check that anyone can do before purchasing. 

Are you interested in a bolt padlock? Take a look at the Viro PANZER with its shape that practically cannot be gripped with burglary tools!

In an upcoming video we will also talk about the particular signs and details in the shackle of a padlock which you should pay attention to! 

La forma del lucchetto infine è solo uno degli aspetti da tenere in considerazione, ma, trattandosi di una caratteristica particolarmente evidente, rappresenta una verifica semplice e immediata che chiunque può fare prima dell’acquisto. 

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