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Hawaii, Ibiza, Capri: traveling with the new twisted cable locks for bicycles!

The Viro twisted cable locks take their name from some of the most famous islands, to convey, wherever you are, that light-heartedness and calmness that you typically experience on vacation, perhaps observing the sea on the horizon and feeling the tranquillity that the mainland infuses us with.

Hawaii, Ibiza and Capri: here are the new items in the range for 2022. They are bike locks, made up of twisted cables and key or combination locks. 

They are perfect for those seeking bicycle protection in low-risk environments (e.g. on the seafront while on the beach, in front of the shop you have decided to enter etc.) or to be accompanied, in risky urban environments, with a chain, which significantly increases overall protection and attachment points.

HAWAII: the flexible bike lock

Flexible Bike Lock | Club Viro

The HAWAII aims to be simple and flexible: it is formed by semi-rigid steel twisted cables, with an overall diameter of 8 mm and a total length of 180 cm, and is wound in a spiral around the bicycle frame to be easily fixed to a pole or a bicycle rack. 

The snap closure and the 4-disc plug, with a scratch-resistant ABS covering, complete the structure. 

The following are supplied together with the anti-theft device: 1 support, for fixing the cable to the bicycle frame, and 2 nickel-plated brass keys of the automotive type with an ergonomic grip made of non-slip ABS.

It is covered with semi-transparent scratch-resistant PVC and is available in the following colors: red, yellow and black.

IBIZA: the bike lock that wants more

Bike Lock with LED Night Signal | Club Viro

The IBIZA is renewed and strengthened with cables, again twisted, which are semi-rigid and made of steel, but this time with an overall diameter with an increased thickness that increases from 8 mm of the previous model to 12 mm

It is 180 cm long and able to comfortably wrap around the bicycle you intend to protect in the form of a spiral, perhaps alongside a more resistant product such as the new version of the Morso with chain (which we will talk about soon).

The snap closure, the 5-disc plug (again covered in scratch-resistant ABS) and the 2 nickel-plated brass keys, with an ergonomic grip made of non-slip ABS, complete its structure. 

But the protection offered by this bicycle anti-theft device does not stop with the security given by the twisted cable: the IBIZA is not satisfied. The addition of the night signal, with flashing LEDs, makes it clearly visible, protecting even those who use a bicycle or mountain bike without a rear reflector

In the pack: a set of batteries already installed in the light supplied and the support for fixing to the bicycle frame.

CAPRI: the comfortable bike lock

Comfortable Bike Lock | Club Viro

The CAPRI is the new anti-theft device for bicycles that wants to be secure, but also comfortable: it closes with a practical 5-disc combination lock, covered in scratch-resistant ABS and allows up to 100,000 different combinations.

The semi-rigid steel cables have a total diameter of 15 mm and a total length of 80 cm.

It weighs only 415 g and comes with a yellow scratch-resistant covering made of semi-transparent rubber fused directly onto the steel cable.

As experts in 2-wheel security we always recommend, when using the bicycle in urban environments with a high risk of theft, to use these devices in combination with other bicycle anti-theft devices, such as locks with chains, which can significantly increase the overall strength.

Using a chain, in combination with a twisted cable, represents an excellent solution to be able to secure both the wheel to the frame and the bicycle to a fixed point such as a pole or a rack.

Thanks to the reduced weight and size of Viro products, such as the twisted cables we have just described and the specific bicycle chains (which we will discuss shortly), the comfort of the bicycle trip will also remain unchanged.

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