Viro VAN LOCK for vans

6 good reasons to install VAN LOCK Viro

The enhanced security provided compared with the weak locks installed as standard is only the most obvious advantage of the VAN LOCK Viro. When evaluating the installation of an additional lock it is important to also bear in mind other factors, such as the ease of everyday use, reliability over time and versatility.

1. Attack resistant

VAN LOCK Viro provides protection at the highest level:

  • The body, which is made entirely of a single piece of stainless steel, provides an enormous resistance against attempts to break it and it is practically impossible to grip with burglary tools as it is elliptical in shape , with no sharp edges, which prevents any attempts to grip it.
  • The fixing system uses 10 anchor points, comprising aluminium rivets and stainless steel screws (supplied), in order to maximise resistance to attempts to pull the lock from the door.
VAN LOCK Viro with 10 anchor points

  • The closing system is particularly resistant to attempts to open with crowbars and hammers: it consists of a lever made of case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel which engages on a sturdy, conical, stainless steel pin.
VAN LOCK Viro deadbolt

  • The lock is against lock picking technique as it uses 7 pins, compared with 5 pins used on normal padlocks, so it is extremely complicated to align them all simultaneously, and it is fitted with pins with a special “mushroom” shape which tend to get stuck under the action of a lock pick. Lastly, it adopts the Viro Top Security profile which makes it more difficult to introduce and operate the picks.
  • Any attempts to drill the lock are effectively countered by an anti-drill plate made of case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel.

2. Easy to use

VAN LOCK Viro is also much easier to use, because when it is opened it remains attached to a door of the van.

The convenience of the "Viro Van Lock" is that it remains attached to the door when the door is opened, so there is therefore no need to fit it and remove it every time.

There is also no need to reclose it once it is opened, as it closes automatically by closing the door on which it is fitted and one cannot leave it open because the key can only be removed if the “Van Lock” is closed. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to keep the lock always open this can be done with the key inserted and fully turned.

Even the key is easy to use, because it has a very large grip, which is easy to handle, even when wearing work gloves.

Lastly, thanks to the internal safety release system, it is impossible to remain accidentally closed inside the load compartment, since the lock opens from the inside simply by pulling the special wire fitted with a knob.

VAN LOCK Viro internal unlocking system anti-theft

3. Reliable over time

The closing system tolerates vertical or horizontal misalignment of the doors of up to 4 mm, so, it is able to operate satisfactorily and for a long time even if the hinges and the doors of the vans suffer wear and deformations following prolonged use.

The external one-piece body made of stainless steel is rust proof, as are the springs of the pins, so as to withstand the harsh weather conditions which a lock fitted to a means of transport will inevitably be subjected to.

The internal cylinder, the pins and the counter-pins are made of brass so as to always guarantee maximum reliability when coupling with the key, which is made of nickel-plated brass.

If necessary, it is also possible to replace just the cylinder, without changing the entire lock.

4. Versatile

VAN LOCK Viro can be fitted either on the rear doors, the side door or both doors. In the latter case, pairs of locks can be purchased which open with the same key (KA system). For particular requirements, one can request all the special designs for the cylinder, such as the master key systems (MK).

VAN LOCK Viro with key alike or master key

5. Easy to install

VAN LOCK Viro comes with all the accessories needed for it to be fitted and its installation only needs 5 easy steps:

6. Cutting-edge design

Lastly, as appearances count, VAN LOCK Viro is also pleasing to the eye: it is perfectly solid, it does not shake, and so does not ruin the bodywork, it does not rust, its colour does not fade and it fits in well with the design of the van.

VAN LOCK Viro cutting-edge design

So, with VAN LOCK Viro, not only can we protect our van and its contents, but we can so without sacrificing practicality and aesthetics!

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