Scooters, bikes and motorcycles safe… Even in the basement!

When you own a two-wheeled vehicle, whether it is an electric scooter, an electric or conventional bike, a scooter with a small engine or a motorcycle, the first concern is to reduce the risk of theft by thieves and burglars. This is why, once you arrive at your destination, the vehicle is protected with the appropriate anti-theft devices. 

It is good to know that there are “outdoor” and “indoor” anti-theft devices, with characteristics and features that make them more or less suitable for various 2-wheeled vehicles.

INDOOR security solutions for 2-wheeled vehicles

There are more “experiential” types of vehicles, such as racing bikes or electric trekking bikes, which very often do not require outdoor security, precisely because they are used whilst remaining in the saddle throughout the journey, but which, due to their high value, we would like to protect in the best possible way even when they are stored in the garage, shed or basement.

It is indeed true that such places, especially when connected directly to the house, are access points often targeted by thieves, and even if their initial intent was to steal valuables once they have actually entered the house, the likelihood that also take away the expensive bike that they find stored in the garage is very high.

That is why properly protecting your garage door, replacing the original locks with more robust quality locks, is very important. 
To find out how to best protect your garage based on the type of door, we invite you to take a look at the new dedicated Viro website

Moreover, it is currently possible to secure all two-wheeled vehicles even when stored in the shed, basement or garage, thanks to the new and sturdy Viro anchoring bracket, made of case-hardened steel, with scratch-resistant coating, which can be applied following simple instructions, both on the wall and on the floor, and which can be combined with a sturdy chain such as the 10 mm Bloccacatena chain lock or the Eurothor.

Wall or floor? Which fixing point is preferable?

When possible, wall mounting is the most recommended. Why? In addition to the noise factor, which is inevitable when entering the garage and trying to cut the ring of the bracket or the chain (e.g. with shears or a flexible grinder), the thief will have to face the time factor: it will be much more complex for the thief to be able to grip the chain with the shears or rotating disc without having a fixed point of support, such as the floor.

The anchoring bracket is certainly useful not only for racing bikes or electric trekking bikes, but also for any 2-wheeled vehicle that is worth protecting EVEN indoors.

OUTDOOR anti-theft devices for 2-wheeled vehicles

The best anti-theft devices in the Viro “2-wheeled range” range which are most suitable for each type of vehicle are summarised below:

  • BICYCLE / E-BIKE >“ Supermorso” with chain 
    In this article you will find out why this anti-theft device with chain is the best padlock for bikes.
  • SCOOTER > “Chain lock” with chain 
    Visit the dedicated page to find out all the technical specifications of this anti-theft device for scooters with small engines!
  • MOTORCYCLE “Eurothor” with chain
    For more details on the technical specifications of the “Eurothor” motorcycle padlock with chain, click here

And your vehicle? Is it already safe? 

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