Are motorized sectional doors secure?

In the previous blog, in which we talked about the most common methods of access to garages and locks fitted as standard, we mentioned the existence of electric locks for better protection of goods stored in automated garages. Viro electric locks, of which there are several models, represent the ideal solution as they are suitable both for automatic up-and-over and sectional doors.

To protect the motorized sectional doors we suggest the Viro V09 Electric Lock:

V09 Electric Lock for Motorized Sectional Doors with Rotary Pawl.

The accessories designed for this lock (ideal for automated sliding gates), make it also suitable for motorized sectional doors:

  1. the fixing plate and the galvanized steel floor striker allow the installation of the V09 rotary pawl lock on the sectional door, connecting it to the automation unit by cable.
  2. Thanks to this solution you can continue to use the same remote control for operation of the door also to unlock the lock without having to get out of your car to open it manually, as is the case with normal mechanical locks.

Automatic opening of door and lock with the same remote control.

The main photo shows the application of the V09 lock on a motorized sectional door and the details are shown below.

View from inside

Detail of Vertical Application of the V09 Electric Lock on Motorized Sectional Door.

View from outside

In the event of a power failure, the double cylinder option proves useful for manual opening even from the outside.

V09 Exterior detail with double cylinder option (manual opening both from inside and outside)

V09 Exterior detail with nickel-plated 1.772.9 half cylinder option supplied with the lock (manual opening only from inside)

Some details of accessories

  • When the rotary pawl deadbolt closes it is anchored inside a sturdy, round-shaped striker with a pull-resistant bar, cemented flush with the floor.
  • The particular mechanism of the deadbolt of the V09 lock allows a good operation of the lock over time, as it is able to tolerate the possible differences which could arise between sliding door and floor due to climatic variations and consequent thermal expansion.
  • The floor striker, on the other hand, thanks to the internal shape and the removable upper part, prevents any small stones from obstructing the closure of the deadbolt and water stagnation.

As already mentioned, it should be noted that the V09 electric lock is also ideal for application on sliding doors.

V09 Electric Lock on Sliding Gate

For more details see the V09 technical sheet.

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