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Information and tips on how to protect home against thefts

Summer thefts? Beware of Social Media!

Summer thefts? Beware of Social Media!

Like every year, in summer, people move out of cities to seaside or mountain resorts and thieves may act undisturbed. Precisely for this reason it becomes urgent to lock the house and secure our valuable goods.

Moreover, it would be appropriate to check our Social sharing habits.

What are the risks of a misuse of these tools?

In what ways can they represent a hazard for our security?

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How do you recognise a high-security European profile cylinder?

At first glance, Security european profile cylinders are all very similar. The outer shape of the body is in fact practically the same for them all.

The details which distinguish a good quality cylinder, that is able to provide security and reliability over time, from a mediocre one are hidden inside.

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Why change the door if a locking bar may be sufficient?

Is the equation “secure door = armoured door” always true? No! Because not all armoured doors are secure and because it may not be necessary to have an armoured door to obtain a secure door.
As we have already seen in a previous blog, armoured doors are not all made the same. Many cheap products are armoured in name only. Moreover, in many contexts, it is not only the main door which has to be defended, as there are many secondary accesses that can be attacked by thieves (such as patio doors leading to gardens and balconies, access doors to condominium garages and/or basements etc.) in which it may not be possible, or convenient, to install armoured doors.

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European cylinder

7 good reasons to protect your home with a European profile cylinder

According to figures regarding reports made to the police, 60% of thefts by housebreaking in Italy take place through the main door, a percentage that reaches 90% in urban areas, given that the top floors of apartment buildings and condominiums are more difficult for thieves to reach using other accesses. Locks with European profile cylinders have become increasingly widespread over recent years, often replacing other types of locks, even where maximum security is required, such as on the front door of homes. Why? Continue reading

How to defend against the 3 methods most commonly used by burglars to enter our homes

If we know what are the techniques used by thieves to enter our homeswe can take the necessary countermeasures. As also reconfirmed in 2017 (with data for the previous 2 years) from an official source such as ISTAT, the National Statistics Institute, which published a report on crimes and security, since 2008 the number of thefts in the apartment has definitely increased.
In 2010 (last year available for this analysis) ISTAT also published a chart with statistics of how thieves enter homes.
Which is the most commonly used technique? And what measures must be taken to defend your home?

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Do you feel safe in your home? 5 tips to increase the security of your home

Living alone is a step that almost everyone will go through sooner or later. Living alone, especially in a location which is not very frequented or even isolated, may sometimes strike some fear. What do you need to do to feel safe? It is without doubt essential to check that all the access points to your home remain secure. But not only!

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5 rules to prevent thefts during the summer

The most longed for season of the year has arrived: heat, sun, sea, maybe the long-awaited vacation … and towns practically deserted!
Unfortunately, it is well known that the summer time, along with the longed for and well deserved holidays, brings with it an increase in household thefts. In fact, thieves exploit the “days of desolation” to act practically or completely undisturbed.
In view of the imminent departure for the holidays (including ours!), we’d like to remind you of some measures which, if put into place, can really help prevent unwanted intrusions.
Let’s have a look at them.

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Lock picking and key bumping – what are they?

Unfortunately, the issue of “thefts and robberies” is always very current and widely debated.
We recently presented Viro Palladium, the high security cylinder, which is capable of withstanding not only brute force attacks, but also breaking in by using more subtle techniques.
Let’s see in detail what these techniques, called lock picking and key bumping, consist of; they are not exactly new, but are still fairly unknown to the general public, even though they are quite commonly used by thieves, especially professional ones.

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Looking for a security cylinder? We present the Viro Palladium

People not in the trade can have many doubts when they have to choose a cylinder for a lock. In fact, a European profile cylinder may appear at first glance to be very similar to another of lower or higher quality. But if we are looking for reliability and resistance to external attacks, which are the features of an excellent product compared with a mediocre one, we must not stop at the appearance. Let’s look in more detail.

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