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Information and tips on how to protect home against thefts

Armoured doors: what types are there?

In the last blog we mentioned some small measures to be taken concerning the main entrance door to ensure that our home does no run unnecessary risks.

We saw that, in order to be a good quality door it must withstand attempts to break in, unhinge it, knock it out of the wall or cut through. The market of the so-called armoured doors has developed considerably over the last decade.

What features must a door possess to be considered armoured?

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An effective electronic alarm – how do you achieve it? – Part III

After having discussed sirens and sensors, in this third blog we analyse the last two elements that make up an alarm system: the dialer and the keypad.
Let’s look at their use and also some practical suggestions which may seem trivial, but which can actually be critical to secure one’s home.

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An effective electronic alarm – how do you achieve it? – Part II

As we saw in the first post in this series devoted to electronic alarm systems, a meticulous and knowledgeable selection of all the system components is essential for it to be effective.

After presenting the features to be always kept under consideration when choosing a siren, let’s now look at another essential element: the sensors.

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Can you improve one of the best padlocks in circulation?

We in the industry do it for professional bias, but anyone can take a quick glance at the padlocks which close the shutters of our towns and cities and see that very often it is a Viro Panzer type; they are unmistakable due to the characteristic rounded shape, which makes them particularly difficult to grasp with burglary tools.

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