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Even though nowadays there are many security systems to protect our homes, we all share the same concern for the safekeeping of our belongings, whether they have a personal or economic value. For this reason it is advisable to keep jewellery, money, confidential documents etc. inside a safe or a security cabinet.

Owning a made-to-measure safe can represent a great opportunity for those who, for example, have particular space requirements, need the door to open in the opposite direction to the standard direction, i.e. from right to left, or would like more storage shelves. 

Whilst it is certainly true that any security device must be aimed at achieving resistance – to lock-picking, breaking and pulling – it is equally true that, precisely in order to achieve the best possible resistance, it must be designed according to where it is to be located – but this does not mean that the appearance and personal choices must suffer as a consequence. 

In order to provide safes which are not merely functional and resistant but also attractive and customised, Viro has developed a simple online configurator for creating made-to-measure safes and security cabinets.

Amongst the various options it is possible to add an internal lighting module, select the preferred colour for the case and for the door, personalise with specific optional extras, such as the slot for inserting enveloped and/or cash (which avoids the need to open the safe, in the free standing versions), or opt for models for hotel use.

Safes on demand: Viro has developed a simple online configurator for creating made-to-measure safes and security cabinets. Follow 4 simple steps to design yours!

Just follow the 4 steps of the wizard:

1. Select the type of safe: mechanical or electronic, for wall installation or to be built-in.

2. Indicate the specific measurements of the product you want, or alternatively the space available, within which to locate the safe. 

3. Select the preferences: colour, thicknesses of case and door and any optional extras. 

4. Request a quote from your nearest Viro dealer and formalize the order of your customised product.

Design your safe here!

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