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Q&A: 3 bike chains’ strengths which (maybe) you didn’t know!

We are back with the Q&A series dedicated entirely to the discovery of small details about safety which can sometimes go unnoticed. 

Have you ever wondered which features set apart a good quality bike chain from a commonly used one? Very often we focus on the thickness and length of the chain, leaving aside other less well known but equally important details.  

Let’s find out what they are!

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Q&A: What is the tiny hole in a padlock for and 3 more curious facts!

We think we know everything about the objects around us, but we don’t always. Often, in fact, commonly used products hide small details which can make a difference. This is the case with padlocks which, used in a variety of situations, from the closing of lockers to the protection of bicycles or freight containers, can present particular details which are an indication of their security or functionality. 

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4 measures to be taken to prevent breaking in through shutters!

This blog presents the 4 steps to be taken to considerably increase the security of a shutter. In the previous blog we saw how shops with inadequately protected shutters often become the ideal target for thieves.
We saw a gang of thieves secure the end of a chain to the tubular elements of a mesh type shutter and attach the other end to a vehicle which “pulled off” the shutter.

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Thefts in shops: a technique by thieves to force open shutters.

This blog looks at one of the techniques most commonly used by thieves to “rip off” a shutter. The thieves, who were filmed by a surveillance camera, were able to gain access to a bicycle shop.

Now let’s see in detail how they break in through the shutter, the security systems adopted by the shopkeeper and what measures can be taken to avoid this type of burglary.

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“In any case, if they want to steal, they’ll come anyway!" True or false? - Part 3

“In any case, if they want to steal, they’ll come anyway!” True or false? – Part 3

In the last episode of this “serial blog”, again with the aim of seeking the correct answer to the question stated in the title, we reached the conclusion that unfortunately there are many low-cost products on the market (often imported from the Far East) which do not offer any real reduction in the risk of theft. Today we will see, on the other hand, what considerations must be made before choosing the right protection according to the actual needs.

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