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“In any case, if they want to steal, they’ll come anyway!” True or false? – Part 3

In the last episode of this “serial blog”, again with the aim of seeking the correct answer to the question stated in the title, we reached the conclusion that unfortunately there are many low-cost products on the market (often imported from the Far East) which do not offer any real reduction in the risk of theft. Today we will see, on the other hand, what considerations must be made before choosing the right protection according to the actual needs.

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“In any case, if they want to steal, they’ll come anyway!” True or false? – Part 2

To try to answer the question contained in the title, we ended the last blog with an observation: there is a particular combination of factors which can make any defence useless. Today we will see what countermeasures can be adopted to try to avoid this possibility.
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“In any case, if they want to steal, they’ll come anyway!” True or false? – Part 1

When it comes to security systems, protection methods and alarms, it is often said that, if thieves target a specific objective, sooner or later they’ll mange to carry out the theft. But is this statement true or not? To answer this we’ll need 3 articles on the blog.
Let’s start by making a comparison.

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Social networking, instant messaging and geolocation: Do they allow for with privacy and security?

When it comes to instant messaging and social networking, the “privacy and security” issue is increasingly debated, especially on the web.
The concern about the reliability of apps in guaranteeing confidentiality and protection of personal data is legitimate, and indeed essential, to avoid the risks associated with improper use of these social networks.

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Security in the digital age: identity theft

When it comes to theft and theft prevention you immediately think of how to protect your home and your belongings, whetherthe entrance door and the other accesses to the apartment are secure etc. However, in the digital era, the concept of theft is no longer just the idea of ​​burglary or physical violation of security systems, but it extends to other equally risky areas, especially that of ITsystems.
One of the most common cybercrimes in recent years is identity theft; what actually is it?

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Do you feel safe in your home? 5 tips to increase the security of your home

Living alone is a step that almost everyone will go through sooner or later. Living alone, especially in a location which is not very frequented or even isolated, may sometimes strike some fear. What do you need to do to feel safe? It is without doubt essential to check that all the access points to your home remain secure. But not only!

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Thefts & Social Network: when Social Networks help prevent theft.

We recently talked about Thefts and Social Network and how “social media addicts” share information publicly which could somehow help criminals, so unknowingly putting at risk their own security.
However there is another side to the coin: there are situations in which Facebook, WhatsApp or any Social Network which allows real-time communication can help prevent unpleasant break-ins into an apartment.

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