How to keep burglars away from the house during holidays

How to keep burglars away from the house during holidays

Three other useful warnings:

1. Always pay attention to the gestures we generally perform automatically. A substantial percentage of unwantedintrusions into the home occur through adoor or a window unintentionally left open. What may seem like carelessness, a minor oversight, such as forgetting 

2. Taking care of the garden, decorating the entrance, perhaps with an automatic light, and emptying the letter box periodically, gives the idea of an inhabited house. An increased likelihood of running into someone during an attempted burglary does not encourage a potential thief to operate.

3. Managing the privacy of one’s social media accounts. Through social media we can make our location public, as well as every minor movement but, in terms of security and theft prevention, this would not be the best behaviour to have. In our opinion it is not necessary to deprive oneself of sharing a holiday photo on the Internet, but it is useful that only a limited number of people can view it. Almost all social networks allow us to choose the privacy setting we prefer.

Remembering that every home is different, and for that reason, depending on the year of construction, type and location, it will have certain advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, here is a ready-to-use check-up for all the access points to your home and to better protect its defence perimeters. 

  • Securing external accesses, and therefore:
    – pedestrian gate
    – motorised (and non-motorised) gates 
    – entrance door to the condominium building
    How? Checking the quality of locks installed and replacing original locks with security locks. A motorised gate, for example, depending on whether it is sliding or hinged, can be protected with a specific electric lock
  • Securing garage doors. 
    The access from the garage is generally underestimated, but it is very important, especially if the garage is connected to the house. This is why locks specially designed for up-and-over garage doors, folding doors or roller shutters will be the ideal solution to reinforce them (make your garage more secure!)

  • Invest in a “door system” that can guarantee maximum security.
    Fitting an armoured door or equipping the door we already have to make it more secure is the main method for protecting against “small-time” thieves (those who, in the majority of cases, attack the door with levers, hammers and other so-called “brute force” methods), but it is also a way to significantly complicate attempts by professional thieves, who use more sophisticated techniques, such as lock picking or key bumping.

  • Pay attention to the windows, and in particular to:
    – first-floor windows close to the gutters
    – top floor windows close to the roof
    Grilles, shutters and blinds with security locks increase the security of these entrances, especially if you remember to close or lower them at particular times: at night, when you go out, when you go on holiday. 

  • Reinforcing French doors
    Whether they face a garden or an accessible balcony, the Viro universal bar is the ideal solution because, in addition to acting as a reinforcement against break-ins, it offers high protection against various tools also used for burglary, such as crowbars and drills.
Mechanical spranga Viro on french doors

  • Check accesses from the roof
    If there are dormer windows or hatches that could allow easy access to the house, it is always a good idea to secure them to avoid unwanted encounters. 

Ultimately: are we really sure that our home is secure?

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