Anti-breakthrough Spranga locking bar or armoured door?

Entry level armoured door or Spranga locking bar?

When faced with an outdated door or a door with some security shortcomings, you may be wondering how to make it more robust and secure without having to replace it.

Whilst replacing it with a good quality armoured door could be a good option, thanks to the adjustable Spranga locking bar it is possible to avoid significant economic outlays, and to satisfy very well the need for greater security. 

However, one might ask: why invest in a Spranga locking bar if it is possible to buy a new armoured door for more or less the same price? 

The answer is that not all armoured doors are the same and in this article we explained why.

Porta Blindata o Spranga?

So, if you intend to spend no more than a few hundred euros, there are two alternatives:

  1. Replace the current door with an “entry level” armoured door

In this case, the installation costs and potential hidden costs and those which cannot be estimated, determined by the damage caused when removing and refitting the new door, will be added to the cost of the new door. In fact, during installation, it is easy for the door jamb to be damaged and to require further work. 

The result will be to have spent more than hoped for and to have installed, however, a low quality door.

2. Keep the current door and install a high quality Spranga locking bar

By investing in an adjustable Spranga locking bar, instead of replacing the current door, it will be sufficient to fit the new device to it. 

Viro has recently re-industrialised the adjustable Spranga locking bar 4006, which has been offered in the range for over 20 years, to make it more competitive in terms of cost whilst maintaining the same standards of quality and security. 

The assembly is simple, and can be done independently or by the employee of the hardware store from which it is purchased.

Spranga locking bar for the main door: what are the advantages?

– Anti-knockdown and anti-breakthrough action. Once installed on the wall, even in the presence of a lightweight door, the Spranga locking bar effectively obstructs the thief in breakthrough attempts. In fact with this security solution it will no longer be the hinges or the lock of the door that will have to resist, but the attacks on the door will be discharged directly onto the wall, in which the two strikers of the Spranga bar are fixed.

– Twin lock. When using the Spranga locking bar, the thief will have to try to force not one but two locks, which are different from each other, thereby making any attempt much more difficult, even those with skills, such as key bumping or lock-picking.

Spranga per Porta: Quali Sono i Vantaggi?

Read the technical data sheet of the Viro 4006 adjustable Spranga locking bar!

Spranga locking bar for all types of doors and windows

Within the family of Spranga locking bars you can find the one that best suits your needs, and therefore not only for the main doors, but also for all other types of access doors: French doors, windows, garages(for example, using the 4008 Spranga locking bar that can be shortened and extended).

Look at the features and the differences between the fixed Spranga bar, adjustable Spranga locking bar, mechanical universal Spranga bar and electronic universal Spranga locking bar.

Spranga Elettronica Viro per Porte

Also discover the Viro electronic Spranga locking bar. This article illustrates its functions and its technical specifications!

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