Solutions for Blocked Locks: The Complete Guide!

Blocked lock, key that “does not turn”broken key in the lock and damaged cylinder: these are the unexpected events relating to access doors which are reported most frequently. Today we want to offer you a short guide that will allow you to best solve this kind of problem. 

Firstly, if you find yourself in one of these situations, don’t panic. In fact, a competent locksmith will certainly be able to solve the problem in a short time using their experience and the necessary tools. 

However, if you have come this far, perhaps you first want to try to find a “do-it-yourself” solution and in this guide you will find both the cases in which this is possible and those in which outside help becomes necessary.

As mentioned, the most common cases are the following:

1. The key does not turn and the door does not open

Key does Not Turn and Door does Not Open

What happened: After inserting the key, it does not turn because another key has been left inside.
Find out the solution here.

2. The key broke in the lock

Key Broke in the Lock

CoWhat happened: The key inserted in the cylinder broke. The head of the key remained in your hand, whilst the other part remained inside the cylinder. 
This link shows the guidelines to solve the problem. 

3. The key got stuck in the lock

Key Stuck in the Lock

What happened: You put the key in the cylinder, the key turns, but you can’t get it out anymore.
Find the solution in this article!

4. The cylinder has been forced or vandalized, or has it been damaged

Cylinder Forced, Vandalized, or Damaged

Is the problem not the key but the cylinder? Read the possible solution here.

5. The cylinder is rusty or has dust inside

 Rusty Cylinder or with Dust Inside

You will probably find the solution you are looking for here.

Ecco dunque le linee guida per sbloccare una serratura e per tornare ad usarla come prima. Se queste soluzioni non Here are the guidelines for unblocking a lock and returning it to use as before. If these solutions weren’t enough, it’s probably time to call your trusted specialist. Do you know any other effective methods? Leave us a comment! 

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