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Can you can open a door remotely without changing the mechanical lock that’s already fitted?

The topic this week is inspired by a question from one of our readers:
“How can I automatically open the door of my apartment building from a distance, which is fitted with a mechanical lock?”
The answer is very simple: just install an electric striking plate. Let’s see how!

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Motorised garage doors: you can increase the security!

This blog is dedicated to those who have installed a motorised up-and-over or folding door on their garage, or have plans to do so. As we have seen previously, even though the presence of a motor makes your garage door much easier to open and close, this does not necessarily mean that it is also more secure. It is in fact important to remember that the motorisation is not designed to replace the presence of a good quality lock.
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How to remotely open a door fitted with a common mechanical lock

Apartment blocks, condominiums, offices, shops, medical centres or professional studios in general… there are many situations in which it may be convenient to open a door remotely without needing to reach it physically every time, just as one does regularly with gates and doors when they are opened by pressing the button on the intercom. Continue reading