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Hawaii, Ibiza, Capri: traveling with the new twisted cable locks for bicycles!

The Viro twisted cable locks take their name from some of the most famous islands, to convey, wherever you are, that light-heartedness and calmness that you typically experience on vacation, perhaps observing the sea on the horizon and feeling the tranquillity that the mainland infuses us with.

Hawaii, Ibiza and Capri: here are the new items in the range for 2022. They are bike locks, made up of twisted cables and key or combination locks. 

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How to open a shackle or rod padlock if you have lost the key

Are you traveling and have lost your suitcase key?
Have you left your bike locked to a pole and don’t know how to open the padlock because you’ve lost the key?

First of all, stay calm and bear in mind that the Internet is always full of useful resources. If you are looking for a way to open a padlock, the Internet will without doubt provide you with more than one solution. However, the purpose of this article, in addition to showing you how easy it can be to open a padlock, especially if it is a poor quality one, is to make you understand how to prevent someone else from opening it instead of you. Continue reading

Disc Lock & Accessories for Motorcycles: “New Hardened” with fixing bracket

Whether you normally use it to move around in town or to explore the world from your saddle, it is important to limit the risk that your motorcycle runs into any unpleasant problems. 

In order to travel anywhere without any worries, your 2-wheeled travel companion should always be protected in the best possible way with an anti-theft device that is practical to use, sturdy and at the same time light.

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How to increase the level of security of any cylinder

It doesn’t matter if a cylinder is low, medium or high level. You can greatly increase its resistance by protecting it with a security escutcheon.
The security escutcheon, also known as a “Defender” or security boss, is a true security shield that is mounted on the outside of a European profile cylinder, mainly to withstand attempts to break, remove or knock inside the cylinder itself. Continue reading

Anti-breakthrough Spranga locking bar or armoured door?

Entry level armoured door or Spranga locking bar?

When faced with an outdated door or a door with some security shortcomings, you may be wondering how to make it more robust and secure without having to replace it.

Whilst replacing it with a good quality armoured door could be a good option, thanks to the adjustable Spranga locking bar it is possible to avoid significant economic outlays, and to satisfy very well the need for greater security. 

However, one might ask: why invest in a Spranga locking bar if it is possible to buy a new armoured door for more or less the same price? 

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