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Protect your garage: 3 security levels

Today’s article is dedicated to garages and the most effective methods to protect them.
If you’ve seen the infographic published recently on our blog you’ll remember that we’ve talked about products with “standard”, “higher” and “maximum” levels.
What does this type of classification mean?

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5 things we should remember to keep secure

The increasingly hectic and stressful rhythms of everyday life sometimes lead to slight distractions or oversights which may adversely affect our personal or household security.How many times do you leave home and forget to set up the alarm? Or leave a window, the car or the garage door open?

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Motorised garage doors: you can increase the security!

This blog is dedicated to those who have installed a motorised up-and-over or folding door on their garage, or have plans to do so. As we have seen previously, even though the presence of a motor makes your garage door much easier to open and close, this does not necessarily mean that it is also more secure. It is in fact important to remember that the motorisation is not designed to replace the presence of a good quality lock.
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Motorised garage doors: why do they need a lock?

Let’s talk again about garages and security, more specifically motorised doors.
If you choose to install an automated door on your garage you are looking for convenience, but it also often believed to be more secure, compared to an up-and-over door which opens manually. Is this always true?

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Theft from garages: how do you protect yourself?

As we saw in the previous blog , the phenomenon of theft from garages has intensified over the years and has become a real problem especially for those who use their garage for storing equipment of all kinds. The items stored in garages (for example, racing bikes) are often even more valuable than many other items kept in the house. In this week’s blog we are therefore going to talk about how to ensure greater protection for the garage door.

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Thefts in garages: why and how do they take place?

It is increasingly common in recent years to come across news items about the theft of items stored in garages. At the same time, many of our readers have expressed concerns, given the actual increase in thefts, not only in Italy but throughout Europe. How do these thefts occur? What are the techniques of the thieves and the possible reasons for the increase in the phenomenon in question?

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Did I leave the door open? No, there’s a door closer!

Today we’re talking about a product which is not strictly to do with security, but it serves an important protection purpose: the door closer.
It’s job (it does what it says on the packet!) is to reclose the door after someone has passed through, but that’s not all. We see in detail what door closers are used for.

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