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Keyed Alike Systems for everyone, especially for Shops and Offices

A shop may have a rather complex management of the keys. Typically, there are various locks: shutters, entrance door, doors to offices and storerooms, secondary entrances or gates, security grilles and gates. If each lock is managed independently the bunch of keys soon becomes very bulky, and inconvenient to carry and use.

A shop usually has many locks, and if they all are managed independently the bunch of keys grows quickly... (photo by flickr/pennuja)

It can therefore be very convenient to open all the locks with the same key, thereby reducing a large bunch of keys to a single one.

Open all locks with the same key

This is probably the useful solution in the majority of situations. A typical case is that of the various roller shutters of a shop, where it is very convenient to be able to open the locks, padlocks or fastening units which close them with a single key, rather than having a bunch of keys which are all different from each other, as they are more cumbersome to carry and more fiddly to use, since it is necessary to find the right key for each lock.

But you need not limit yourself to the locks or padlocks of the roller shutters, as it can also include the locks of entrance doors  and interior doors giving access to offices, storerooms or other areas. You can also manage drive-through gates , pedestrian gates, grilles and security gates. If the system is well designed (for example, using all locks that work with a profile cylinder), you can open all the doors of the shop with a single key. This is very handy, and it is used every morning when the locks are opened and every night when they are closed.

In order to open all the locks with the same key they merely need to be selected so that they can be included in a keyed alike system (KA).

In a keyed alike system (KA) various locks can be opened with the same key - Viro Club

In a keyed alike system various locks can be opened with the same key.

Of course, the various locks must be compatible with each other. Many Viro products (cylinders for mortise locks, padlocks, locks for garage/gates etc.) lend themselves to the creation of a keyed alike system.

For example, all the locks designed to work with any type of profile cylinder can be part of the same keyed alike system (KA), simply by choosing and installing cylinders with the same key in the various locks. This possibility is clearly indicated in the pages of the various products shown on the website by the wording “standard KA executions are possible” or “all special executions are possible”.

A keyed alike system can be requested directly from the Viro retailers for a small surcharge, which pays for itself alone when you need copies of keys, since each product comes with its own set of keys which are equal to each other and duplicated at source.

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