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Special key systems to improve security and practicality

How to have less keys in your pocket

Keyed Alike Systems for everyone, especially for Shops and Offices

A shop may have a rather complex management of the keys. Typically, there are various locks: shutters, entrance door, doors to offices and storerooms, secondary entrances or gates, security grilles and gates. If each lock is managed independently the bunch of keys soon becomes very bulky, and inconvenient to carry and use. Continue reading

Key systems useful for hotels, hospitals and communities

In the old detective novels there is always a hotel on a cliff top, a room with a corpse and a butler holding a skeleton key which opens all the doors… in fact, hotels and the accommodation facilities are generally the typical users of a master key system, where each door opens with its own particular key, but there is a key which opens all the doors, precisely the famous skeleton key.

The reason is obvious: each guest must have access only to their own room, whilst the hotel staff must be able to access all the rooms in order to carry out the various service requirements. Continue reading

How to reduce the number of keys in a condominium or multi-family house

All condominiums are different from each other, but they always have one thing in common: there are one or more doors which must be opened by all the residents, whilst there are other doors which must be opened only by a single individual/family. The former are all the shared entrances/halls/corridors, such as the access doors to courtyards and garage areas, pedestrian gateways, doors to main stairs and cellars. The latter are the accesses to private areas, such as doors to apartments, individual garages and personal storerooms.

Having several locks normally also means having multiple keys. And these keys are in addition to those for the car, office, home, bicycle… At first glance there are 2 possible answers: either many small bunches of keys, with the risk of leaving them somewhere by mistake, or one large bunch which is awkward to carry and difficult to use. But, as we have already seen in the case of shops, this does not necessarily have to be so. Continue reading

KA systems

How to reduce your bunch of keys: keyed alike systems (KA)

It is a common situation when you return home. A large bunch of keys is extracted with difficulty from your pockets or bag, you look for the key for the front gate and the gate is opened. You stop in front of the garage door, you take out the large bunch of keys again, you search for the right one and the door is opened. After leaving the garage you reach the security gate and then the main entrance door, and each time you have to use the large bunch of keys.
Even after entering the house you again have to search for the right key if there are security grilles on the balcony or windows. Let’s hope you haven’t forgotten the wine in the cellar, otherwise once again you will have to take the large bunch of keys and look for the key to the cellar. But does it have to happen like this? Continue reading