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Information and tips on how to protect offices against thefts

The new Viro Electronic Locking Bar

The new Viro Electronic Locking Bar: double protection, security lock and real-time alarm

The daily newspapers are always writing about how thieves are increasingly skilled in opening the doors to apartments, basements and garages. Faced with these increased skills, the defence strategy must be twofold. On the one hand, it is worth keeping one’s defence systems updated with the latest technological solutions, such as replacing the old double bit lock with new European security cylinders. On the other hand, however, it is also important to combine different technologies and solutions, such as mechanical and electronic, without entrusting the entire system to a single type of defence. Different solutions and technologies require different tools and skills in order to be attacked, and it is much more unlikely that a burglar possesses them all. A burglar who specialises in opening doors by brute force (still the most commonly used method) is unlikely to be equipped to overcome an electronic alarm. Conversely, a burglar who specialises in overcoming alarm systems may not be able to open a good security lock, which requires specific expertise and tools. Continue reading