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Information and tips on how to protect shops against thefts

How to have less keys in your pocket

Keyed Alike Systems for everyone, especially for Shops and Offices

A shop may have a rather complex management of the keys. Typically, there are various locks: shutters, entrance door, doors to offices and storerooms, secondary entrances or gates, security grilles and gates. If each lock is managed independently the bunch of keys soon becomes very bulky, and inconvenient to carry and use. Continue reading

Shutter fastening units, such as Viro Nuovo Condor shown in the photo, have the advantage of having an armoured body that effectively protects the floor fixing point.

The best way to protect a shutter

A shutter of a shop or garage can be closed in several ways: with one or more locks per shutter, with one padlock per shutter or with a fastening unit.
The locks fitted originally on shutters, such as those for garages, are normally quite weak from the mechanical point of view and are therefore very vulnerable to attack. If valuable goods are kept inside, for example the goods for sale in a shop, they should be replaced with more resistant products.
What is the best solution?
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What features must a good padlock for shutters have?

Padlocks are one of the most commonly used systems for locking the shutters of shops, garages and warehouses. A good padlock for shutters is generally more resistant than the normal locks originally installed on the shutters. But how do you distinguish between a good padlock for shutters and one which is unable to provide adequate protection? Continue reading

Do you have or want to install a retractable gate? Here’s how to make it more secure

Summer: the time for travelling and holidays, but, unfortunately, also for possible thefts. Homes left vacant for days become an attractive target for thieves, even for the less skilled ones. There is nothing that puts security more at risk than the possibility for a thief to act undisturbed for as long as he needs, and this is precisely what is likely to happen during the summer months when entire buildings are empty for several days.

A fairly widespread solution to deal with this risk is that of retractable gates, or “extendable” gates if you prefer. It is a system that offers various advantages: Continue reading

Locks for shutters: the first security barrier for shops, warehouses and garages

We are in Marcellina, a town in the province of Rome, during the night between the 17th and 18th September. 3 people with their faces hidden by balaclavas quickly get out of a car. Within seconds they manage to force the shutter of a jeweller’s, entering and stealing jewels worth 50 thousand euros.
The peculiar aspect of this theft is that surveillance cameras filmed all the action and the video was put on the Internet, but such actions are repeated every night throughout Italy. Shutters are in fact the most commonly used system to close shops, warehouses and garages. These are all places particularly attractive for thieves, as they contain valuable items and are typically unattended for long periods of time, particularly at night.
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