Garage doors: how to strengthen them?

Tools, electric and traditional bicycles, motorbikes and cars are just some of the valuable goods that are normally stored in garages. 

Unfortunately, it is a common mistake to spend hours searching for the best security systems to protect your home and then neglect garage security.
On the other hand, reports show that it is one of the access points of most interest for thieves and criminals, especially when it also serves as a connection to the home.

Have you ever wondered how to thwart thieves and feel more secure? 

On the new we show how the security of every garage door can be increased by strengthening it with the appropriate security measures, depending on the original weak points.  

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Firstly, it is necessary to consider what type of door you have: up-and-overfolding or roller shutter

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The door will then have a manual or motorised opening/closing mechanism.

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Different doors with different mechanisms necessarily require different and specific protection systems to reinforce their weak points. 

Secondly, it is necessary to check what type of lock has been installed. In fact, garage doors are generally fitted with standard locks which are only useful for opening and closing, but are not specifically designed to withstand break-ins by burglars and intruders. Also in this case, every door has its own ‘Achilles heel’ and, therefore, locks or security systems should be purchased/replaced according to the specific door you wish to strengthen.

On the we illustrate the most common risks depending on the type of door and we show the most effective security solutions to avoid them.

Depending on the country of origin (at the moment, in addition to the Italian version, versions of the website have been created for Spain, Portugal and the UK) it is also possible to check the nearest dealer for the Viro products sought. 

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Do you have a garage to protect? Find out how to do it on!

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