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5 things we should remember to keep secure

The increasingly hectic and stressful rhythms of everyday life sometimes lead to slight distractions or oversights which may adversely affect our personal or household security.How many times do you leave home and forget to set up the alarm? Or leave a window, the car or the garage door open?

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What is the “Achilles heel” of each padlock?

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” If you ever read the articles in our Security Club you will without doubt have come across this quotation several times, because it expresses well the security concept.
In terms of a practical example, even the best padlock loses its effectiveness if it is anchored to fixing points which are weaker than the padlock itself. What is the best way to increase the security of a padlock? Let’s have a look at them.

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“We’re off on our holidays”, but look after your luggage!

June has arrived, summer is finally upon us… for some people it’s already holiday time. There are those who go away for the weekend, those who choose the seaside and those who decide to avoid the heat and head for the mountains, or even go abroad, maybe for a city break. The suitcase is already closed, but is it secure enough?

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Viro Van Lock: security & versatility for commercial vehicles

In the previous blog we described all the advantages that the Viro Van Lock offers from the point of view of security, listing the features that make it difficult to be attacked by a potential thief and which provide additional protection for the vehicle on which it is installed.
As mentioned, there are other factors which contribute towards making the Van Lock a product which is not only secure but also convenient and versatile.

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panzer-664x561 (1)

Locks & Padlocks: Panzer and imitations in salt spray

After having described in a previous blog the reactions of item 304 in a salt spray test and in the pull-out resistance test, the protagonist of this series is the Viro Panzer, together with 3 competing products imported from the Far East (which, for sake of convenience, we will refer to as “1”, “2 “,” 3 “).
This blog describes the individual reactions of the 4 products after the salt spray test.

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Work vehicles? More security with Viro Van Lock!

If you asked yourself, after receiving our Easter greeting card, who was the egg-shaped protagonist, then we can tell you: it was the Viro Van Lock. Today we are going to tell you some news about it.
Viro Van Lock is a fixing system, with an original pull-resistant oval shape, offering additional protection to the locks for trucks and vans.

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5 Crucial Ways Weather-Resistant Padlocks Help Maintain Your Security (2)

Non-Apparent Security Compromises

Besides avoiding obvious issues that can arise from decreased functionality, or the complete breakdown of the padlock, weather-resistant padlocks also protect from the issues you don’t detect. When a lock begins to break down, it can become much easier to pick or bump open. Lock picking and key bumping are some of the more popular forms of covert entry.

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5 Crucial Ways Weather-Resistant Padlocks Help Maintain Your Security

It is extremely important for the security you invest in to last as long as possible. For that reason, it is crucial to make sure all of your padlocks are weather-resistant. A lock that can stand up to the elements is necessary for any private individual or company looking to keep something they care about safe. Let’s looks at some of the most important ways that weather-resistant padlocks help to maintain your security.

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