Do you feel safe in your home? 5 tips to increase the security of your home

Living alone is a step that almost everyone will go through sooner or later. Living alone, especially in a location which is not very frequented or even isolated, may sometimes strike some fear. What do you need to do to feel safe? It is without doubt essential to check that all the access points to your home remain secure. But not only!

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Thefts & Social Network: when Social Networks help prevent theft.

We recently talked about Thefts and Social Network and how “social media addicts” share information publicly which could somehow help criminals, so unknowingly putting at risk their own security.
However there is another side to the coin: there are situations in which Facebook, WhatsApp or any Social Network which allows real-time communication can help prevent unpleasant break-ins into an apartment.

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5 Crucial Ways Weather-Resistant Padlocks Help Maintain Your Security (2)

Non-Apparent Security Compromises

Besides avoiding obvious issues that can arise from decreased functionality, or the complete breakdown of the padlock, weather-resistant padlocks also protect from the issues you don’t detect. When a lock begins to break down, it can become much easier to pick or bump open. Lock picking and key bumping are some of the more popular forms of covert entry.

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5 Crucial Ways Weather-Resistant Padlocks Help Maintain Your Security

It is extremely important for the security you invest in to last as long as possible. For that reason, it is crucial to make sure all of your padlocks are weather-resistant. A lock that can stand up to the elements is necessary for any private individual or company looking to keep something they care about safe. Let’s looks at some of the most important ways that weather-resistant padlocks help to maintain your security.

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Bite-sized security: how to choose a disc lock

We are in March and finally you can begin to feel the warmth of spring; it’s time to “dust off” the scooter to get around town and / or have are relaxing Sunday excursion on the motorbike.
To enjoy peaceful days out of town with your 2-wheeled vehicle and be sure of finding it exactly where you left it, it is essential to choose the best possible means of protection, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
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Locks & Padlocks (3): the results of the new tests

Did you follow our blog last week? Well then, you will already know that the Viro item 304 padlock (rectangular padlock with a brass body and 60 mm base), was found, after being subjected to the corrosion resistance test, together with a product imported from the Far East, to be perfectly operational, unlike the competitor’s product.
In this week’s blog we will see how much resistance the Viro Made in Italy product proved to have during the cutting and shackle pull-out tests, compared to the competitor’s imported product.

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Locks & padlocks: resistance tests in salt spray for Viro 304 padlock.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, this week it is time for facts, and we will tell you how the two padlocks (one original Viro and one not) reacted to the corrosion resistance test. Just like the tests carried out on the Viro and imitation chains, we also used for the padlock comparison tests, within our testing laboratory, instruments to determine the true quality of the products.
The main purpose of the tests is to monitor the behaviour of the materials used and the products made from these materials, reproducing the actual conditions of use.

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Locks & Padlocks: three steps to recognise a good quality padlock

After looking at “Padlocks & chains”, where we spoke in length about testing, mainly comparing Viro chains Made in Italy and imitations from the Far East, we are now focussing on padlocks.
The aim is always the same: to check the true quality of the products, providing you with some concrete evidence. We begin today by briefly summarising the three basic steps to recognise a good quality padlock.

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Installing an electric striking plate: what are the advantages?

In the last blog we discovered the practical feature of the electrical striking plate, which allows you to open a door remotely, without changing the mechanical lock already installed.
Some might think that this is the only advantage that the installation of an electric strike provides, but is not so! Let’s see why.

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