Protecting your bicycle: U-lock or twisted cable?

During this post-Christmas period we hear a lot of talk about not only the gifts received but, unfortunately, also thefts which been made. It is not just about household burglaries but often the widespread phenomenon of bicycle theft.
We at Club Viro Security hope that Christmas only brought you gifts, and not unpleasant surprises.
To prevent this, we are going to talk today of two methods used to protect your bike: the padlock and chain with and the U-lock.

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Padlocks & Chains: Original “Blocca Catena” vs. Imitations (III)

To conclude this short series of blogs, which discuss an Original Viro Blocca Catena and an imitation made in the Far East, we are talking about a third experiment carried out on both the padlocks, to test their strength.
It was seen in the last blog, which described the chain cutting test, that the original Blocca Catena passed the test well, withstanding attempts to cut with a hacksaw, whereas its copy was cut very easily. Would this also have been the case with the respective padlocks? Let’s see how the two products reacted to the impact test.

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bloccacatena - confronto lunghezza anelli

Padlocks & Chains: Original “Blocca Catena” vs. Imitations (II)

As promised in the last blog, we are returning to the two protagonists of the last episode, the Blocca catena and its imitation.
The market is awash with imitations, often presented as products almost identical to the originals, but much cheaper. However, in reality, these items copy the appearance of the original without even coming close to the security requirements. Whoever buys them therefore unknowingly exposes their assets to enormous risks, which these imitations are unable to protect against.
After subjecting the original and the copy to corrosion resistance tests, this time we are checking the resistance to cutting.

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Padlocks & Chains: imitations and original: the “Blocca Catena”

After a few weeks break let’s look again at Padlocks & Chains. This blog will show photos and videos of experiments performed in the laboratory to test the strength of original Viro products and the copies imported from the Far East. This week we will examine the Viro “Blocca Catena”, comparing it with an imitation.

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An even more secure garage with Viro Mac

In the last blog we talked a lot about motorised garage doors and the measures to be taken to make them more secure. We also saw how to increase the security of automated up-and-over and folding doors, replacing the standard locks with electric locks, designed specifically to better protect the garage door.
In this blog we present another useful solution for the control of unwanted access: the Viro MAC.

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Motorised garage doors: you can increase the security!

This blog is dedicated to those who have installed a motorised up-and-over or folding door on their garage, or have plans to do so. As we have seen previously, even though the presence of a motor makes your garage door much easier to open and close, this does not necessarily mean that it is also more secure. It is in fact important to remember that the motorisation is not designed to replace the presence of a good quality lock.
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Motorised garage doors: why do they need a lock?

Let’s talk again about garages and security, more specifically motorised doors.
If you choose to install an automated door on your garage you are looking for convenience, but it also often believed to be more secure, compared to an up-and-over door which opens manually. Is this always true?

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Theft from garages: how do you protect yourself?

As we saw in the previous blog , the phenomenon of theft from garages has intensified over the years and has become a real problem especially for those who use their garage for storing equipment of all kinds. The items stored in garages (for example, racing bikes) are often even more valuable than many other items kept in the house. In this week’s blog we are therefore going to talk about how to ensure greater protection for the garage door.

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