Two Wheels, what passion!

The 100th Giro d’Italia takes place during this month of May and we at Viro have greeted it in real time.
Stage number 12 (Forlì – Reggio Emilia) covered a distance of 229 km, passing through Zola Predosa, near Bologna.
Knowing that there are so many cycling fans that follow us, we would like to offer some safety advice to best safeguard your bicycle on the occasion of the centennial edition of the most famous cycling race in Italy.

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Viro Van Lock: security & versatility for commercial vehicles

In the previous blog we described all the advantages that the Viro Van Lock offers from the point of view of security, listing the features that make it difficult to be attacked by a potential thief and which provide additional protection for the vehicle on which it is installed.
As mentioned, there are other factors which contribute towards making the Van Lock a product which is not only secure but also convenient and versatile.

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panzer-664x561 (1)

Locks & Padlocks: Panzer and imitations in salt spray

After having described in a previous blog the reactions of item 304 in a salt spray test and in the pull-out resistance test, the protagonist of this series is the Viro Panzer, together with 3 competing products imported from the Far East (which, for sake of convenience, we will refer to as “1”, “2 “,” 3 “).
This blog describes the individual reactions of the 4 products after the salt spray test.

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Work vehicles? More security with Viro Van Lock!

If you asked yourself, after receiving our Easter greeting card, who was the egg-shaped protagonist, then we can tell you: it was the Viro Van Lock. Today we are going to tell you some news about it.
Viro Van Lock is a fixing system, with an original pull-resistant oval shape, offering additional protection to the locks for trucks and vans.

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5 important reasons to buy a good quality safe

In the previous blog we spoke about a widespread concern for those who would like to buy an electronic safe: not being able to open it when the batteries are flat.
Today we are summarising 5 important reasons why it is worth carefully selecting the product that will safeguard our valuables, our money and our confidential documents by investing in a good quality safe.

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Electronic safe with flat batteries: what do you have to do?

When it comes to buying a safe and you are thinking about an electronic model (which generally offers more services to the user, compared to a mechanical version), the first concern is often the possibility that the batteries will run out, thus not allowing it to be opened. This possibility does exist, especially for those who only use their safe occasionally.
What do you do in such cases?

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Do you feel safe in your home? 5 tips to increase the security of your home

Living alone is a step that almost everyone will go through sooner or later. Living alone, especially in a location which is not very frequented or even isolated, may sometimes strike some fear. What do you need to do to feel safe? It is without doubt essential to check that all the access points to your home remain secure. But not only!

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Thefts & Social Network: when Social Networks help prevent theft.

We recently talked about Thefts and Social Network and how “social media addicts” share information publicly which could somehow help criminals, so unknowingly putting at risk their own security.
However there is another side to the coin: there are situations in which Facebook, WhatsApp or any Social Network which allows real-time communication can help prevent unpleasant break-ins into an apartment.

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