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Thieves in the garage? Here’s how to make it more secure!

The standard locks for garage doors, whether they are up-and-over, folding or shutters, are generally not very resistant to drilling and they are unable to prevent lifting by using levers and crowbars or perforating. The replacement of the original locks is therefore a necessary step in order to better prevent thefts.

Discover the ideal solution for your particular door with our infographic. 

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Scooters, bikes and motorcycles safe… Even in the basement!

When you own a two-wheeled vehicle, whether it is an electric scooter, an electric or conventional bike, a scooter with a small engine or a motorcycle, the first concern is to reduce the risk of theft by thieves and burglars. This is why, once you arrive at your destination, the vehicle is protected with the appropriate anti-theft devices. 

It is good to know that there are “outdoor” and “indoor” anti-theft devices, with characteristics and features that make them more or less suitable for various 2-wheeled vehicles.

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How to keep burglars away from the house after the re-openings: 6 checks and 3 useful tips!

Remembering that every home is different, and for that reason, depending on the year of construction, type and location, it will have certain advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, here is a ready-to-use check-up for all the access points to your home and to better protect its defence perimeters. 

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Electric Bike: Increase the Security with the “Supermorso” Antitheft Chain Lock

Do you live or work in a place where bike security is a serious concern? Whether it’s a traditional bicycle, an electric bike or a pedelec, the result won’t change. A quality anti-theft device is an excellent deterrent for any theft attempt!

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