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Do you feel safe in your home? 5 tips to increase the security of your home

Living alone is a step that almost everyone will go through sooner or later. Living alone, especially in a location which is not very frequented or even isolated, may sometimes strike some fear. What do you need to do to feel safe? It is without doubt essential to check that all the access points to your home remain secure. But not only!

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Thefts & Social Network: when Social Networks help prevent theft.

We recently talked about Thefts and Social Network and how “social media addicts” share information publicly which could somehow help criminals, so unknowingly putting at risk their own security.
However there is another side to the coin: there are situations in which Facebook, WhatsApp or any Social Network which allows real-time communication can help prevent unpleasant break-ins into an apartment.

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Thefts in the era of social networks

The use of Social Networks has increased exponentially over recent years (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), so much so that the they are now part of our everyday lives. Last year alone the number of active users on social channels increased by 219 million (+ 10%).
However, if technology is not used appropriately it can bring with it negative consequences. This blog will show how an inappropriate use of social networks can become a risk for one’s own security.

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Bite-sized security: the electronic alarm and its main components

Just before the summer break we suggested some measures which are useful for ensuring the right level of security for our homes whilst we are away on holiday.
We saw that installing an electronic alarm can be a excellent strategy, by providing an additional countermeasure to defend a home, provided that there are already the necessary mechanical protection means.
However, there are some things to consider before buying an electronic alarm system.

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5 rules to prevent thefts during the summer

The most longed for season of the year has arrived: heat, sun, sea, maybe the long-awaited vacation … and towns practically deserted!
Unfortunately, it is well known that the summer time, along with the longed for and well deserved holidays, brings with it an increase in household thefts. In fact, thieves exploit the “days of desolation” to act practically or completely undisturbed.
In view of the imminent departure for the holidays (including ours!), we’d like to remind you of some measures which, if put into place, can really help prevent unwanted intrusions.
Let’s have a look at them.

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