Voice assistants: the new security allies

In what ways will artificial intelligence change the spaces we live in and its security?
Domotics”, meaning the science of home automation, has already been spoken about in recent years. Increasingly advanced technologies will contribute towards safeguarding our home and a “virtual secretary” will also arrive in Italy to remind us to lock the door, switch on the burglar alarm and much more.

“Domotics plays an important part in making equipment, plants and systems included in the architecture of a building “smart” (smart architecture). A smart building, with the support of the new technologies, allows the coordinated, integrated and computerised management of the technological systems (air conditioning, water, gas and energy distribution, security systems), IT networks and communication networks, in order to improve management flexibility, comfort, security, energy saving.”

Thanks to the systems conceived with a view to domotics, it is already possible to remotely control one’s home, by means of a smartphone or device which provides an Internet connection for monitoring the switching ON/OFF of lights, household appliances and heating, but not only!
If we focus on security and safeguarding the house, having a “smart home” may be very useful in this sense. In fact, in order to optimise the general security, use video cameras and recording devices for monitoring the areas of interest and the accesses or connect the gate or garage door.

The most advanced technology in the USA already allows a virtual assistant to be connected to the household appliances and to the security system of one’s home.

Voice assistants

Many of us have already “played around” posing questions to Siri, the IPhone voice assistant launched by Apple in 2010.
Siri responds to voice commands, from the most simple ones, such as “call Mario”, up to more complex commands.
Many modifications have been made over the years and the virtual assistant can be very precise in satisfying the requests. However, Siri is only the beginning of what has since been developed for the home by the three technology giants: Amazon, Google and Apple.
Each company has created its own device, in particular: Amazon Echo entered the market in 2014 and the most recent ones are Google Home and Apple HomePod. Each loudspeaker is home to a voice assistant: Alexa for Amazon Echo, Google Assistant for Google Home and Siri for HomePod.

Amazon Echo and Google Home already support many electronic products, such as the lighting system, heating, locks and security systems.

In what way can Alexa contribute to the security of our home?

By making a simple voice request it will be possible to instruct Alexa, or the chosen assistant, to switch ON the alarm system if you have forgotten to do so, to remember to close doors and windows or even to lower the garage shutters. By automating the home it will be possible request basic assistance, such as turning ON the lights, playing music or ordering a home delivery of dinner but, much more useful in terms of safeguarding the home, it will also be possible to make the artificial intelligence communicate with the home’s security systems.

These devices are not yet available on the market in Italy, but it is expected that they will be very soon.

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