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The advantages of an electric scooter include its compactness and transportability, which allow it to be taken inside various public and private buildings without taking up too much space, avoiding the classic stress of parking and the fear of theft. However, there are some circumstances in which, at least for now, it is not possible to take the scooter with you.

That’s why we’ve decided to carry out some tests for you. In fact, despite the fact that many types of anti-theft devices designed for bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes can be found on the market, there are currently no solutions specifically designed for electric scooters.

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Voice assistants: the new security allies

In what ways will artificial intelligence change the spaces we live in and its security?
Domotics”, meaning the science of home automation, has already been spoken about in recent years. Increasingly advanced technologies will contribute towards safeguarding our home and a “virtual secretary” will also arrive in Italy to remind us to lock the door, switch on the burglar alarm and much more.

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Padlock Charge Card Bank Card Credit Card Theft

5 things we should remember to keep secure

The increasingly hectic and stressful rhythms of everyday life sometimes lead to slight distractions or oversights which may adversely affect our personal or household security.How many times do you leave home and forget to set up the alarm? Or leave a window, the car or the garage door open?

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Locks & Padlocks: Panzer and imitations in salt spray

After having described in a previous blog the reactions of item 304 in a salt spray test and in the pull-out resistance test, the protagonist of this series is the Viro Panzer, together with 3 competing products imported from the Far East (which, for sake of convenience, we will refer to as “1”, “2 “,” 3 “).
This blog describes the individual reactions of the 4 products after the salt spray test.

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Chains & padlocks: the Super … Morso

When it comes to the resistance and quality of security products on the market, the questions we are most often asked by readers are: “What are the features that distinguish your products? Why prefer Viro to a cheaper product?”.
Once again, we will answer by showing you the results of some resistance tests carried out on our products and on their imitations of padlocks with chains, which are typical anti-theft devices for bicycles and mopeds.

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Actual security vs perceived security

We recently talked about how to make our house secure with mechanical systems and electronic systems; we focused on the features which a high security cylinder should possess and on other measures useful for improving the protection provided by locking systems.

Today we’ll talk about the concept of security and also statistics. What is the difference between actual security and perceived security?

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Key profiles with controlled duplication. When they are useful?

In the last blog we listed certain features which a European profile cylinder should possess in order to ensure a good level of security, that is to say, an effective resistance against external attacks.
Unfortunately, as we have already pointed out, even the most resistant product in the world would be overcome if it were easy to obtain an illegal copy of the keys, so that they could be opened without difficulty. Let’s see what is meant by patented controlled duplication profiles.

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An effective electronic alarm – how do you achieve it? – Part I

An alarm system is like a chain; its effectiveness depends on the capability of its weakest link. Therefore, in order to be truly effective, all the components must be up to the job and the design and installation must also be done in a workmanlike manner. We will see step by step which features to look for in the main components which typically form an electronic alarm system for the home: siren, sensors and dialer.

In this first blog we will discover which features a siren must have in order to best perform its role of raising the alarm.

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