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Are the electric locks on doors and gates all the same?

In today’s blog we would like to respond to the numerous requests from individuals, condominium administrators, but also companies, who write to us asking which is the most suitable electric lock for an installation on very heavy doors or iron gates.
There are often complaints that maintenance or replacement must be performed more than necessary following frequent breakdowns of common electric locks (those fitted with latch and ejector, which we usually see applied to pedestrian walkways), because they are “tired” by the frequent openings / closures.

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5 things we should remember to keep secure

The increasingly hectic and stressful rhythms of everyday life sometimes lead to slight distractions or oversights which may adversely affect our personal or household security.How many times do you leave home and forget to set up the alarm? Or leave a window, the car or the garage door open?

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An even more secure garage with Viro Mac

In the last blog we talked a lot about motorised garage doors and the measures to be taken to make them more secure. We also saw how to increase the security of automated up-and-over and folding doors, replacing the standard locks with electric locks, designed specifically to better protect the garage door.
In this blog we present another useful solution for the control of unwanted access: the Viro MAC.

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Motorised garage doors: you can increase the security!

This blog is dedicated to those who have installed a motorised up-and-over or folding door on their garage, or have plans to do so. As we have seen previously, even though the presence of a motor makes your garage door much easier to open and close, this does not necessarily mean that it is also more secure. It is in fact important to remember that the motorisation is not designed to replace the presence of a good quality lock.
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Motorised garage doors: why do they need a lock?

Let’s talk again about garages and security, more specifically motorised doors.
If you choose to install an automated door on your garage you are looking for convenience, but it also often believed to be more secure, compared to an up-and-over door which opens manually. Is this always true?

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How to protect your motorcycle with an electronic GPS anti-theft device without the need for an installer

The security increases exponentially when protection systems which work with different technologies are combined together, such as mechanical and electronic ones. This is because thieves, just like other (and most respectable) professionals, tend to specialise in different fields and the number of individuals who are able to neutralise both a mechanical and an electronic system is much less than those who are able to overcome just one of the two. For this reason, if protecting your motorcycle with a good quality mechanical anti-theft device makes good sense, adding an electronic alarm is even better. Continue reading

An electric lock can be tampered with if it possible to reach the power supply cables; this is not the case with the Viro Block-Out

All electric locks have a potential weakness. If a burglar manages to reach the power supply cables they can be cut and then used to send an impulse to lock to open it. The Viro Block-Out electric lock has been designed precisely to avoid this problem and provide more security.

The power supply cables of electric locks are often exposed at one or more points and can be used by burglars to send an “illegal” “impulse to the lock and thereby open it.

The power supply cables of electric locks are often exposed at one or more points and can be used by burglars to send an “illegal” “impulse to the lock and thereby open it.

The feature which makes this lock unique, so much so that it is protected by a patent, is the presence of a dead-bolt inside the latch. Continue reading

5 handy functions to consider before installing an electric lock

What one generally requires from an electric lock is for it simply to open when the button is pressed and ideally to continue to do so for years without breaking. But a good electric lock can do so much more. Let’s look at 5 advanced features which make the best electric locks, such as Viro ones, easier to use and more versatile. Continue reading

3 useful management functions for remote opening of a door with an electric strike

As we have seen, electric strikers allow remote opening of a door fitted with a common mechanical lock, where you cannot or do not want to install a normal electric lock, such as in the case of French doors and interior doors. But how does it open? Pressing a button to trigger a lock seems such a simple action that it would not leave much room for choice. Continue reading