An even more secure garage with Viro Mac

In the last blog we talked a lot about motorised garage doors and the measures to be taken to make them more secure. We also saw how to increase the security of automated up-and-over and folding doors, replacing the standard locks with electric locks, designed specifically to better protect the garage door.
In this blog we present another useful solution for the control of unwanted access: the Viro MAC.

It is well known that, for many people, the garage is a real “treasure trove”, where not only cars and motorcycles are stored (which are also of great economic and emotional value), but frequently also equipment which is necessary for a job or to develop a hobby. Many of our readers, especially car enthusiasts, worry rightly about how to best protect their garage, which houses very dear friends.. in every sense!

For this reason, a “silent guardian” like the Viro Mac is useful to have full control over access to your garage: it lets you know in real time if the garage door is opened.

Viro MAC can be installed on up-and-over and folding doors and has a double control system: in fact, it detects burglary attempts which trigger the anti-intrusion sensor and opening without forcing, which separate the magnetic contacts; it also silently alerts the owner by means of a real time text message. The text message notifies attempted burglaries and warns of opening without forcing. In this way you can prevent a possible theft, or catch a thief in the act.

In addition to mechanical security systems, it becomes a perfect collaborator for safeguarding your belongings, stored behind the garage door. Moreover, the strong two-sided adhesive strip supplied facilitates application, so that installation is easy for anyone, and you don’t need the help of a third part.

However, always remember that it necessary to combine an electronic protection with a mechanical one. In this case, the Viro MAC device does not replace a good quality lock, but it certainly significantly increases the security of the locking system already installed.

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