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5 things you need to know before buying or changing an electric lock

Locksmiths know them well, as they are one of the most common causes of requests for their intervention. We are talking about electric locks which close the pedestrian gates and access doors. The are easy to use and secure, but far too often they are the source of problems . Problems which can largely be avoided by choosing an electric lock with the following features: Continue reading

How an electric lock for pedestrian accesses works

We do it every day. We push the button, the lock of the gate or door opens and we leave home. We don’t normally try to understand how the mechanism works, we are only interested in the fact that it does work. But when something fails, or when we need to buy a new lock, it is important to understand how things work, so you know what to do or what to choose.

In this short video we see what happens inside an electric lock for pedestrian accesses when the electrical pulse is given or the key is turned.

In a future blog we will see which features should be taken into consideration when buying a sturdy and reliable electric lock, which is able to operate without problems.

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