Automatic door closer: Adjust the Speed

How to easily open and close the door automatically?

Closing the door automatically is very simple,: one simply needs to install a suitable door closer. This solution is also comfortable and silent, because it is able to soften the final stroke during the closing phase, dampening the noise.

Furthermore, a correctly installed door closer can perform an initial function of protecting the home or a shop, by closing the entrance door or the gate in our place, so that they cannot be accidentally left open. 

When possible customize the speed and closing force of a multi-force door closer, easily replace an older one with it and adjust its installation thanks to features such as the swinging armadapter plates and standard or inverted application options, so that the automatic door closer becomes a really useful ally in everyday life.  

The functions of a door closer

Among the various functions to keep in mind when buying a door closer, remember firstly to check the possibility of adjusting the closing speed and the strength of the final stroke. These two functions are essential in order to be able to manage:

  • temperature changes, which can affect the viscosity of the internal oil; 
  • doors and gates of different weights, which require greater or lesser force to be closed, overcoming the resistance of the latch of the existing lock. 

It is therefore important that the door closer is available with a closing force suited to the specific installation situation, or with a single version having an adjustable force as required. For reasons of practicality, except for specific uses, we recommend the purchase of door closers that allow you to choose the action force.

Door Closer: Adjust the Speed

All Viro door closers are available, for example, in multi-force versions (2-3-4), while the Viro Air is also available in 2 models with a fixed force (2 or 3) upon request, the latter of which is certified for installation on fire doors.

In the latter case, the door closer installed on fire doors also provides another safety function: keeping the door tightly closed, to help prevent the fire from spreading to other environments.

Door Closer: Keep the Door Open

The door closers for standard doors also allow you to stop the door in the open position to facilitate the passage with more or less bulky objects or constant comings and goings. Furthermore, with Viro door closers, it is possible to set the opening angle of the door as desired. 

If you want to buy a door closer to automate door closing, we suggest you learn more about the other features here.

Take a look at the product data sheets:

How to open the door automatically

In some cases, once the closing has been automated, it might be useful to combine it with a controlled automatic opening. 

How do you do that?

In practice, the electric strike is able to “electrify” a mechanical lock, allowing the door to be opened remotely by means of an electric impulse, without the need to modify the lock already installed. 

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