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5 things we should remember to keep secure

The increasingly hectic and stressful rhythms of everyday life sometimes lead to slight distractions or oversights which may adversely affect our personal or household security.How many times do you leave home and forget to set up the alarm? Or leave a window, the car or the garage door open?

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Locks & Padlocks: three steps to recognise a good quality padlock

After looking at “Padlocks & chains”, where we spoke in length about testing, mainly comparing Viro chains Made in Italy and imitations from the Far East, we are now focussing on padlocks.
The aim is always the same: to check the true quality of the products, providing you with some concrete evidence. We begin today by briefly summarising the three basic steps to recognise a good quality padlock.

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Chains & Padlocks: the Viro originals do not fear bad weather!

We recently talked about tests which check the resistance of products, whose duty it is to ensure security. In particular we focused on the Viro Morso with chain, testing its resistance to cutting and being struck by blows, after the salt spray corrosion resistance tests.
To make the most of our considerations, we performed the same procedure on a copy of the product, imported from the Far East.

This week we are also looking at the “big brother” of Viro Morso, the Supermorso, and also at a copy imported from the Far East.
We see the reaction of both the Viro products and their copies, after the salt spray tests, performed in our laboratory.

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You are not allowed to participate in this sunset.

Bite-sized security 3 tips for the best use of a padlock

Today we’ll begin a series of bogs that will accompany us, from time to time, over the coming months.
It is practical advice, summarised in the form of “bites“, suitable for users of security products, to be aware of the most effective ways for applying and using these products.
In fact, quite often very little is needed to avoid the risks, even potentially serious ones, related to an unintentionally incorrect installation and/or use.
Let’s start by talking about padlocks.

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Travel securely: the TSA padlock

When planning a trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the approaching departure is often accompanied by “suitcase anxiety”. Many concerns arise, especially if you travel by plane, partly due to the fact that every airline company applies its own rules concerning baggage: size, weight etc. And then if you are travelling to the USA, or if it is merely a stopover or if this destination is on your “wish list”, you have to deal with stringent baggage checks and, therefore, locking the baggage with the best possible means.

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Can you find 5 differences between these products which appear to be the same? BEWARE OF IMITATIONS – CHAPTER VII – ORIGINAL VIRO “BLOCCA CATENA” FOR 10 MM CHAINS VS COPY

We are nearing the end of the series of articles devoted to the comparison between original Viro products for bikes and some imitations which can be found on the market.
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PHOTOS comparison after testing resistance to blows on Viro “Morso”.


As mentioned in chapter I of this series of blogs, after analysing the construction differences which can be detected by the naked eye, we subjected the original Made in Italy Viro “Morso” and the imitations imported from eastern Europe to the same durability and strength tests. Continue reading

morso vs copia-intro


A well known magazine often boasted of being the subject of “countless imitations”. In fact, the fate of successful products is to give rise to a large number of imitations, copies and clones of various types. These copies may often appear at first glance to be very similar to the originals, but are they actually so in substance?
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