Customise your security? You can.

Every morning Italians wakes up and think about how they want their coffee for breakfast.
“A macchiato in a glass” “An Americano with a touch of cream” “A cappuccino with a dusting of chocolate” …

This is just a small example of how the trends of the modern world are increasingly in line with product personalisation. Individuals, that is to say, the customers, express clear preferences in every area or situation, dictated by their personal taste or influenced by the current “fashions”.

Who has ever said that a security product, in addition to being secure, could not be aesthetically pleasing?
Usually, when we buy a product to provide security for our belongings we don’t pay very much attention to the design, we just make sure it’s as strong and resistant as possible.
Right? Yes, but then … even appearances count!

In fact, the security world can also contribute in a small way in offering customers a service for customisation of products according to their tastes and needs.


A practical example of a strong and resistant product which has a design which can be modified according to your liking is the Shark disc lock.
As the name suggests, the shape of the Viro Shark disc lock resembles that of a shark which, once installed, “bites” the disc of our motorcycle. It has a design which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also effective, since its rounded shape makes it difficult to grasp and strike the disc lock with burglary tools. The design makes the Viro Shark disc lock instantly recognisable as a high quality product which is difficult to attack. The Shark is equipped with a 5.5 mm diameter hardened steel lock-bolt, which, unlike common disc locks, has one end T-shaped, which, by turning the key, is anchored at the base of the body, thereby protecting the disc lock from attempts to break it at the slot.

The Viro Shark disc lock may, upon request, be customised by printing on the body, such as: the dealer’s logo, a slogan, a flag or anything else you can think of.

Some possible customised examples of the Shark.

Some possible customised examples of the Shark.


The disk lock is not the only customisable product: Viro offers this service on all its items, with the possibility of choosing between UV printing or the application of a plasticised label.
Retailers who choose to customise the items which they deal will not only obtain a product in line with personal taste but also have numerous commercial benefits including:

  • Printing their own logo, advertising their business, making an immediate contact with potential customers.
  • Providing customised products to industrial customers or those who have business with their brands or their slogans.
  • Identifying with numbers, symbols, or letters the locking systems in gyms, swimming pools, tourist facilities and communities, allowing better access management and maintaining customer loyalty.

Customised Viro products are the right combination between strength, design and personal taste – to make the difference!

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