The goods in a container: are they safe? When containing is synonymous with securing

Last week we left you with a question:
are the goods stored in containers sufficiently protected?
When containers are used to store valuable goods they are often placed in isolated locations, so they can not always be monitored. For this reason, the concern about an attack is quite common, despite the robustness of the “container”.

Some attempts to provide an additional lock, such as

are not useful for security reasons, since the padlock is too weak compared with what is to be protected.

Van Lock not only provides the construction characteristics that we already know but it also lends itself to the role of additional closure even on containers thanks to some special features:

      • Van Lock remains attached to a door and there is therefore no need to remove it and replace it every time the container is opened, unlike the normal padlock which is fitted and then removed.
      • It does not rust, even if exposed to severe weather conditions and it is equipped with a weather-proof cap.
      • It closes automatically when pushed, locking the door on which it is fitted, without the need for the key. Also, it cannot be left open by mistake, since the key can only be pulled out when in the locked position. On the other hand, if it is necessary to keep the lock always open, this can be done with the key inserted and fully turned.This function is very useful during loading / unloading of the contents of the container.

Unlike the installation on vehicles, for the application on containers it is not necessary to fit the emergency release device from the inside (which is, however, provided) since in order for the doors of the containers to be closed the outer rods must be rotated before the Van Lock hooks up, so there is no risk that the operator may be accidentally locked inside, for example due to a gust of wind blowing the doors.

As we have seen for vans, it is really very easy to install, as it is enough to have the kit with plates and accessories needed for applying the Van Lock on container trucks in order for them to be also applied to containers.

The installation is carried out quickly in just a few simple steps:

      1. The adhesive template is applied on the doors;
      2. Holes are drilled in the doors where indicated by the template, which is then removed;
      3. Strong sealing plates are applied on the doors;
      4. Finally, the fastening unit is fitted on the previously assembled plates.

Whether it is a container for transport or one for storage it does not matter … it is essential, however, that the goods inside remain perfectly secure. We can therefore say that the Van Lock, thanks to its strength and versatility features, is a lock that does justice to its casing!

Watch the video for application of the Van Lock on container trucks

Look at the details of the accessory for the application of the Van Lock on container trucks and containers 

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