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All the truth about lock picking

How do you recognise a high security European profile cylinder? – Part IV

In this fourth and penultimate article of the series dedicated to the characteristics which distinguish high security European profile cylinders we will conclude the analysis of the measures which obstruct opening with dexterity, focusing on systems which can deal with an increasingly widespread and insidious technique: key bumping. Continue reading

How do you recognise a high security European profile cylinder? – Part III

Let’s continue our journey to discover the features which, in spite of the common outside shape of the body, make the various European profile cylinders very different from one another, especially in terms of reliability and resistance to attacks.

After seeing in the first two articles the features which allow European cylinders to withstand brute force attacks, which are the most frequent types of attack, let us now begin to see how a European profile cylinder should be made to withstand opening by lock picking, which is less common, but more insidious. Continue reading

There are videos on the Internet showing locks and padlocks being opened with great ease… is that really the case?

Opening a lock without breaking it is possible, and many videos on the Internet demonstrate this. And it would appear to be very simple. But, to avoid getting the wrong impression, one should bear in mind that in reality things are much more complicated. Continue reading