Rifles and guns at home: what does the law say?

Rifles and guns at home: what does the law say?

Those who regularly go to the shooting range or those who wait for the resumption of the hunting season every year need to minimize the risks, always handling their weapons with maximum safety. 

A particularly delicate problem is that of the rifle case when not in use. In fact, it is necessary to prevent them from falling into the hands of malicious people or even merely people who are unable to handle them, starting first of all with youngsters. Common sense says so but so does the law (no. 110 of 1975, no. 203 of 12 July 1991 and Legislative Decree 204 of 2010).

The law generically states that “the holder of weapons must ensure that the place they are housed offers adequate security guarantees” and even if storage inside security cabinets is not an explicit obligation, gun and ammunition cabinets are commonly the safest way to store rifles. 

Viro security cabinets for rifles

The Viro security cabinets for rifles are designed specifically for the needs of shooters and hunters.

All the security cabinets listed below are equipped with an ammunition/object safety box with a zamak lock and 2 keys made of nickel-plated brass, as well as a gun housing and rack made of high-density scratch resistant polyethylene (with a greater thickness in order to place double or single barrel shotguns, also fitted with sights).

These cabinets have a 1.5 mm thick steel casing according to UNI EN 10130, rounded anti-abrasion corners and a 2 mm thick steel door, with the hinge side protected against pulling. The door back cover is made of 2 mm thick steel.

  • 4434.T5 – Viro mechanical security cabinet
    The Item 4434.T5 security cabinet is actuated by a NEW EURO-PRO profile half cylinder with a flat key and armoured with a security escutcheon against break-ins and drilling. The cylinder can easily be replaced in order, for example, to mount a cylinder that opens with the same key as the door of the room where the cabinet is kept. The cabinet holds up to 5 rifles. 
Viro safety cabinet 4434.T5
  • COMPACT – Viro electronic security cabinets
    The ADA compatible keypad, which replaces the key opening typical of mechanical cabinets, makes these electronic cabinets ideal for preventing access, even accidental, to the guns. COMPACT security cabinets are able to house up to 5 gun housings in the version item. 4440.T5 and up to 10 gun housings in the version item 4440.T10. 
    >> Find out more about the Viro COMPACT electronic cabinets here!
Viro security cabinet “COMPACT”

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One thought on “Rifles and guns at home: what does the law say?

  1. Mia Evans

    I totally agree when you said that firearms should be kept from falling into the hands of bad guys as much as possible. And I thin getting gun storage safes with certain security settings would prevent that from happening even if there are intruders in our home. Keeping the criminals from owning a firearm will definitely reduce the chances of them hurting other people when they move to a different house.


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