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This is the security cabinet for guns which enables hunters to sleep soundly

Autumn is traditionally the hunting season and many hunters are already their preparing rifles and shotguns. However, in order to avoid unnecessary risks it is always necessary to handle weapons with maximum safety. One particularly sensitive issue is that of storing the guns when they are not being used. It is therefore necessary to prevent them from falling into the hands of criminals or even simply individuals who are unable to handle them safely, such as children.

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Security is also the possibility to control: advanced monitoring features of Viro Ram-Touch

A secure safe is not only a safe which is able to withstand attacks from a possible thief. The contents which it guards may also be put at risk in other ways, even if they are less obvious. For example, if the safe contains documents, works of art, precious items, weapons, or other metal objects, a potential danger consists of the internal humidity, which can promote the development of moulds on paper and fabrics or accelerate the oxidation of metals. Or the threat may depend on an unwise or incorrect use by one of the persons authorised to use the safe or security cabinet.

In order to also protect against these risks, the Viro Ram-Touch system, which is fitted to a wide range of wall and free-standing safes and gun and document cabinets, provides, through the convenient backlit control panel, 2 advanced monitoring functions: control of internal climate and audit trail. Continue reading

Open safes and security cabinets with a finger: the Viro Ram-Touch system

Anyone who has seen at least one police drama knows well that fingerprints are one of the surest ways to identify a person. They are a unique characteristic of every individual and cannot be reproduced. For this reason they are well suited for use also in the field of access control, where they also offer the advantage of always being, quite literally, “at your fingertips”.

In fact, although fingerprints were used in old movies only to identify individuals who had been present at the scene of a crime, in the more recent ones they are also used to provide access to laboratories and private premises. To enter you need to rest your hand or finger on a fingerprint reader and the bad guys go crazy trying to find a way to beat the system.

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What details need to be looked at when buying a security cabinet

The difference between a luxury car and a runabout is not only the power of the engine, but also the comfort which it provides. Similarly, a security cabinet must be built in order to protect the contents from external attacks, but, since it will probably be used quite frequently, it is important that its structure and the interior set-up also make it convenient to use and functional. Continue reading

Electronic safes are reliable provided that…

We use electronic products every day, and increasingly more every day. Yet in some cases the question of their reliability outlives old prejudices, almost as if we were talking about an old valve radio, which occasionally needed some well-aimed blow in order to start working again. In the field of security safes, for example, there is always someone willing to swear that “mechanical ones are more reliable”. In fact, nowadays, it is possible to manufacture electronic safes which are as reliable as the mechanical ones, but easier to use and more secure. It is true, however, that not everyone is able to do so. Continue reading