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What happens when the batteries of an electronic safe run out?

Electronic safes are technologically advanced products and, therefore, complex. It is therefore only natural that doubts can arise about what could happen in the case of an unexpected event. One of the most common fears is that of no longer being able to open the safe once the batteries are flat.

Also in this case, the difference depends on the quality of the product. A good quality safe warns well in advance when the batteries are running out, so that they can be replaced well before they are completely flat.

But the differences between a good quality electronic safe and an unreliable one do not stop there. One of the features of well designed and manufactured electronic safes is that the battery consumption is constant and gradual, thereby avoiding the unpleasant situation in which until the day before the warning the batteries seemed to be charged and then just a few days later the safe will no longer open.

Nevertheless, especially if the safe is rarely used, the batteries can run out without the user having had time to replace them. In this case, there can be two alternatives.

Safes with emergency key

There are electronic safes with emergency keys which allows them to be opened even when the batteries are flat.

However, as we have seen, this solution poses the problem of where to keep the key, because if a thief manages to find it the safe can be opened. The harsh truth is that there are no truly safe places in which to keep the key of a safe. Also, if there were such a place we were confident that the thief would not discover, then we could use it directly to store the items of value. An effective solution may be that of keeping the key in a place other than that where the safe is installed, for example in the home of a relative who lives nearby.

Safes with external contacts

In an attempt to minimise the risk it is therefore possible to choose an electronic safe without an emergency key. In this case, the safe must be equipped with external contacts on the keypad or a socket to which an external backup battery can be connected if the internal battery stops working. In this way, it is always possible to enter the code and open the safe.

Biometric safes

Of course, the external backup battery is only a solution when the problem is that the batteries are flat. It is, unfortunately, useless if you are unable to open the safe because you forgot the code. If you can’t rely on a good memory, a solution might be to choose a safe with a biometric lock, such as the Viro Ram-Touch II, which, in addition to the codes, can also be opened by means of fingerprints. These are unique characteristic of every person which do not change over time and there is no risk of them being forgotten.

If the safe is well designed and manufactured it is not a problem if the batteries run out. They can usually be replaced in time and even if they do run out the safe can be opened by using an emergency key or an external backup battery. This one more reason to choose a good quality safe.

8 thoughts on “What happens when the batteries of an electronic safe run out?

  1. Richard

    The battery of my safe is dead and it doesn’t have any of these feature it just uses keypad please what do I do

    1. Miryam Sarti Post author

      Dear Richard,

      what brand is your safe? You should send its photo and model number to the assistance of the safe’s company, in order to have relevant suggestions.

      Kind regards,
      Viro Marketing Staff.

  2. Tony

    Hi, my electronic safe has electric power. The password does not work anymore. I’m guessing the wrong password was being used to try and open the safe. The safety features of the safe has locked any attempts to open it, or the password was changed by the last user by mistake and they didn’t know it. Now I can’t get in it.
    It’s an Elsafe floor model six digit code safe. The type is Elsafe KNIO 5. There is no screw to aid in removing the key pad. Also not able to add a photo to this comment.

    1. Miryam Sarti Post author

      Dear Tony,
      we suggest you contact the company of the safe. since each company has its own rules.
      Probably you have a code written down in the installation note of the safe that allow them giving yoi another code to unlock the safe.
      Kind regards,
      Viro Marketing Staff.


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